Thursday, January 22, 2009

Patch Notes 66 - 77

IMPORTANT: if you have just gotten into beta PLEASE LOOK HERE

Build 77 Notes

New Patch

A new patch has been released. A character wipe has been performed.

Fixes and updates in this patch includes:
  • Updates to conquest system
  • Updates to conquest messaging
  • Harvesting skill fails on resource node depletion
  • Lesser Magic balancing update
  • Misc skills balancing update
  • More of the problems that some people have with Journal and Clan window has been fixed
  • Hall of Fame/Highscore lists have been enabled
  • Personal stats update
  • Incorrect placements of objects in paperdoll has been fixed
  • AI movement enhancement
  • AI now attacks warhulks, cannons and ships properly
  • In some situations an explosive spell might have blasted through a wall or similar structures. This has been fixed
  • Situations where you would float upwards ad inifinitum in water have been fixed
  • Dungeons have been enabled (Monsters etc. in dungeons have not been enabled in this build)
  • Updates to the World
  • Server updates

General information:

We are moving into the play testing phase. We do, however, still expect some system configuration to pop up.
For everything that we would like your help to test, we will create a thread in the 'Testing and Feedback forum'.

We have done some changes in the server configuration to prepare for the hordes, so we might have a bit of a bumpy ride for the next few days.

Happy New Year to all our testers!

Build 76 Notes

New Patch

A new patch has been released.

This patch is just some minor fixes/updates that includes

  • Fishing has been enabled again
  • Resource nodes have been tweaked
  • When a resource node is empty, you will receive an onscreen message
  • Some minor bug fixes on the client
  • Some system messages have been fixed thanks to your bugreports

Be sure to read the patch notes from build 75 located here

Please test resource depletion and give us feedback in the forum.

Build 75 Notes

New Patch

A new patch has been released. A character wipe has been performed.

Fixes and updates in this patch includes:
  • Duplications of bag windows have been fixed
  • The bug where you sometimes were unable to open your bank/loot/clan vault window has been fixed
  • Duplication of items on client (graphically only) that happened under certain circumstances has been fixed
  • Vendor spells have been enabled again
  • Dragging a stack of items and releasing them on top of another stack of similar items will now auto-merge them
  • Audio bugs have been fixed
  • Problem with journal or clan window displaying a black page has been fixed *1)
  • More Chaos Stones have been enabled in the world
  • Last remaining crashes when streaming from HD has been fixed *2)
  • Shield will not be removed if you choose to wear a robe
  • Input bug where extra mouse buttons would not work in GUI mode has been fixed
  • Sound updates for mount
  • Clan boards have been enabled *3)
  • Blocking has been updated *4)
  • All resources in the world will now get drained *5)
  • Some updates to the Conquest System
  • Some updates to the Clan Politics messages (Allies/Enemies/etc)
  • AI update
  • Polearm attacks have been updated
  • Ganking has been enabled. (Default key to select the skill is 'X'). Use a melee weapon. Aim at a helpless player on the ground and press attack (Default: Left MB) *6)
  • Reviving has been enabled. (Default key to select the skill is 'Z'). Sheathe your weapon, aim at the player and press attack. *6)
  • Enabled the start of giving out free resources to our testers *7)
  • Messages about people using the structures in a Clan City/Hamlet now output correct structure
  • Looting under water has been enabled
  • Updates to the world

Regarding patch notes:
  1. If you still experience display problems or something similar with the journal or clan window, please take a screen shot and mail it to us together with the log of the client.(Shut down the client and run the Report Error tool, so we get the logs)
  2. We are still logging heavily, so you might experience some stuttering from time to time
  3. Regarding the Clan Boards: Everything you post there will be gone every time we wipe.
    There is also a problem where the scrollbars does not show up. We are working to fix this ASAP. (The clan boards contains private messaging system, calendars to set up events and more)
  4. Regarding the update of the block skill: It drains a little bit less stamina, but will induce a stamina loss on the enemy in case of a successful block.
  5. All resource nodes in the world will get drained now. (This includes trees, bushes, rocks etc.) We would like your feedback on how this works out. Do you think there are too many resources available on the nodes? Too few? Too fast regrowing? Create a thread in the forum about this and tell us your thoughts about this, but bear in mind that you have to imagine that the world is filled with a lot more players.
  6. Gank/Revive has been enabled. When you die now, several things might happen to you: You might be decapitated, your head might be violently crushed, you might simply die OR you might end up on the ground helpless. If the latter is the the case, then you have 3 things that might happen: You can tap out using the space bar (which will bring you back to your bind point), a friend (or enemy) can choose to revive you or an enemy (or friend) can choose to gank you (finishing move). Also note that blood effects for ganking are not complete.
  7. When you log in now, you will be given 10K gold in your backpack. This is tied to your account, so creating multiple characters will not give you more. This is a test both for us and for you. Later we will start giving out more and elevate your skills/spells after wipes.

Known Issues and General Information

  • If you experience any "erroneous" AI behavior, please take a screen shot of it and mail it to us with a description of the problem.
  • Resource output of clan city/hamlet farms, mines, wood quarries etc. have not been balanced on the server.

We don't have the capacity to report back to each individual reporting a bug, but we process each and every one of them. When we are done, a bug report hall of fame will be created and you will receive much glory :-)

Regarding the testing phases:
We are slowly moving from the hardware testing phase onto the game testing phase.
We are still mostly concerned about errors in the game (crash bugs and exploits), but we will start focus testing certain areas and ask for your feedback. Starting today with the resource drain on nodes in the world.

Build 74 Notes

New Patch

A new patch and installer has been released.

Fixes and updates in this patch includes:
  • Fixes to delays in loading that you experienced in the last build *1)
  • Some UI updates
  • Fixes for situations where you would fall trough objects
  • Bug fixes and updates in Journal
  • Bug fixes and updates in Clan
  • Some updates to the farms/mines/etc in the clan cities
  • Updates to some armor graphics
  • Some updates to quests
  • Updates to the AI
  • Updates to skill
  • Updates to loot
  • Updates to spells
  • Negative alignment will now kick you from Greater Stones
  • General Alignment system fixes
  • Number of binds you have in a Clan city has been fixed
  • Number of binds you have in a Clan Hamlet has been fixed
  • End of world has been enabled
  • Updates to the world

*1) The delays you might have been experiencing in the last builds was caused by us doing some excessive logging. This is to catch some errors that happens on only a very small subset of the testers. We are still doing a lot of logging, so please bear with us as we are doing this to find issues that we can't reproduce in-house.

Known Issues and General Information

  • If you leave a clan city or a clan hamlet, the buildings might have a graphical explosion. This will be taken out in the next server build.
  • If you experience any "erroneous" AI behavior, please take a screen shot of it and mail it to us with a description of the problem.

Build 71 Notes

New Patch

A new patch has been released.

This patch is mainly for some changes on the server, but does include these fixes on the client:
  • Hotbar issues where some items were invisible have been resolved
  • Hotbar issue with duplication of items have been fixed
  • Wrong texture around chat area has been fixed
  • Wrong texture on some scrollbars have been fixed
  • Misc minor bugfixes on the client

Known issues

  • Please do not use the portals that are seated around the world. They lead nowhere right now. All of them will be added in the following days, and I will let you know here when you can start using them.

Please also make sure you read the patch notes from build 70 located here

Build 70 Notes

New Patch

A new patch has been released.

Fixes and updates in this patch includes:
  • Journal window Update
  • Clan window update
  • Skill window update
  • Spell window update
  • Vendor service tab has been updated
  • Eternally galloping horse have been fixed
  • Mount sound update
  • City building update
  • Conquest update
  • More monsters added (We will slowly over the next week enable more and more monsters)
  • AI tactic updated
  • Resting hit box bug that was introduced in the last build on the beta server has been fixed (1 line of a file wasn't transfered to the server)
  • Mana missile excessive damage has been fixed
  • Skills have been updated
  • Spells have been updated
  • /party_invite_player "firstname" "lastname" has been enabled
  • Streaming HD bug has been fixed
  • Fixes to startup problems
  • Tool tip fixes
  • Robe has been fixed
  • You can no longer sprint when you are encumbered
  • Rogue status is easier to attain now
  • Guardstower damage has been enhanced
  • Many minor bug fixes
  • More updates to the world
  • And more

Known Issues and General Information

  • The fix for problems with bags being duplicated (albeit only graphically on the client) and bank windows opening multiple times is not included in this build.
  • The above problem is the same as why you sometimes can't open your bank or claun vault.
  • Do NOT spam the global channel. We have the logs and ofcourse account name from the last incident. Do not let that happen again.
  • The planned conquest mass testing is scheduled to happen sometime next week.

Thank you for the bug reports. Keep them coming.

New Patch

This is mainly an update to fix some data integrity problems.
Please read the patch notes for Build 66 & 67 here

In addition some other fixes/updates made it into this patch:
  • The problem some players experienced where scrolling in the Journal/Clan turned the window black has been fixed
  • AI update
  • Updates to the world

Because of the integrity problems a character wipe had to be performed.

Build 66 and 67 Notes

New Patch

A new patch has been released.

Fixes and updates in this patch includes:
  • The 'Sliding as if on ice' bug when moving in certain areas have been fixed
  • Some startup crashes have been fixed
  • Attributes of all items put in a Clan Vault will now persist
  • Bug in chat where the top line would be cluttered in certain circumstances has been fixed
  • 'God mode' crouch bug has been fixed *1)
  • Updates to the world
  • /bindstone_recall now takes some time (will be extended later)
  • Clan Cities and hamlets have been enabled!

*1) Please help us verify that all instances of the 'God mode' crouch bug has been fixed.
Try all scenarios where you would make it work earlier.

Known Issues and General Information

  • Thanks to your reports we have found the reason for the bug that makes the client crash in some circumstances after running for a long time around the map. We are working on it and it will most likely be included in the next patch.
  • The problem with bags not closing and bags being duplicated in the GUI is being worked on.
  • If you should ever get a spinning wheel on the camera (e.g. in the Dwarven areas) please take a screenshot and mail it to us.

Clan Cities and Clan Hamlets

In this build the Clan Cities and Clan Hamlets have been enabled.
Things are slowly being taken from our internal repository and deposited on the beta servers. This means that there might be a few problems in the next couple of days.

The clan cities and hamlets unlock, among other things, the following:
  • Crafting of Ships
  • Crafting of Battlespikes
  • Crafting of Warhulks
  • Crafting of Cannons and more
  • Wonders for global bonuses for the owning Clan
  • Note that the bonuses you potentially get inside the city and for wonders don't have their correct corresponding icons yet, so if you manage to build the correct structures you will see smileys on the top of your screen for the next few days.

General hints and information about the cities:
  • To build city structures, you will have to have Building Modules. These have to be crafted.
  • To claim a city you need a Clan Shard and have the rank of General or higher. Go within the city boundaries and double click it in your backpack.
  • When you first start building a city, you don't have a bank. This means that the player who chooses to build must have enough Building Modules in his inventory to build what he chooses to build. After this you can deposit building modules in the clan vault.
  • To build a city you must either have the rank of a General or higher OR be a Mayor of the city.
  • To start the building process press alternative use on the clan stone (default key is 'G')
  • If you build farms, mines etc. do note that the output from these are not finalized in any way on the beta servers.
  • If you build the city defensive structures (The huge cannon like structures) do note that the damage dealt from these have not been finalized
  • The local and global bonuses applied from the clan cities have not been finalized
  • The spawn bonuses applied from building houses etc. have not been finalized
  • Repair damaged structures using repair tools and repair shards
  • Error messages from City operations are not properly routed to the client in this build.
  • And more as you will eventually discover

General info on the testing ahead:

In a few days I will set up a focused testing where I will only enable a few cities and then divide you up into a few clans and have you test the conquest system for bugs and exploits. All resources necessary for doing this will be given to you.
I will get back to this after the next patch.

In the meantime keep those bug reports comming.


Ka-Wiz said...

fscking awesome

Bartlebe said...

Nice. Thank you for this.

Ka-Wiz said...

actually, after reading all that, i'm kind of scared...

you'd think with years of closed, private testing they'd have things like items keeping the same attributes when dropped in a bank.

or they could've at least caught the "god mode" crouch bug, the "sliding on ice" effect, or at least players should be able to equip robes, which appear to have been broken several ways.

unless they're rebuilding the server from scratch or something, this kind of info is very worrying.

bo said...

The thing is, its very hard to test features properly with a small group of testers. I'm sure when the beta gets big we are going to find all kinds of bugs. All software has bugs. It is a good thing that they are addressing them.

Eleven said...

Professional testers my ass. Look at those patches!

Ipsissimus said...

Holy shit. I thought the post was on a loop after seeing the same words over and over. Massive wall of text...


Dennis said...


Exactly. You can have the best professional testers in the world but fact of the matter is you can't catch everything. Hell Turbine has a whole slew of testers for LOTRO/DDO and there still miss bugs. Never underestimate the stupidity of the population. They will always try and do things that you never thought people would try.

Nardagor said...

Crouched god mode, have to be the best bug ever!

john said...

Thank you very much!

James said...

Far from disappointed or scared, I'm actually encouraged by these patch notes.

Remember, these aren't just a list of things that have been found broken. These are bugs that have been identified and fixed.

The patch notes are clear and detailed, and show the devs are both listening to, and acting upon, the testers' feedback.

We also get confirmation that things have moved on significantly since NegativeLeak was last "bothered enough to actually play", (a build around high 60 or low 70).
They're now on build 77, and have both enabled and applied a number of fixes to clan cities, warhulks, cannons and ships.

Joakim said...

Notice at the bottom of build 77:

Happy New Year to all our testers!

It was probably rolled out not long after New Years. Surely there are newer builds than this?

Steven said...
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Steve said...

best Leak so far.
Freaking awesome facts. With clans/clanadministration, ships, sieging enabled how can testers have the feeling not much is turned on ?

Jonny said...

I wonder how spaghetti like their code is...

Gijs said...

It will, however, enable us to get the client sooner AND some smart people will no doubt figure out how to host it locally so you can, at the very least, explore the world or make a character. This how I played the WoW alpha a year prior to release...

Also... still no torrent of the client around, come on people...!

Jonny said...

Here's the patcher. Probably not very useful without an account.

Nezabyte said...

it's fake.

Jonny said...

How do you know?

Nezabyte said...

because I ran it, and all it did was run dos real quick <.< now I have to make sure I don't have a virus or some shit.

Jonny said...

Haha, yeah, I'm downloading a virus scanner before I open it.

Nezabyte said...

my virus scanner didn't detect anything, but it had to have done SOMETHING with its size.

Redsun said...
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Nezabyte said...

how is it legit? it doesn't run an actual patcher that asks for name/password or anything...just runs DOS and quits.

sankle said...

it is most certainly legit, rename to darkfall.exe and it installs the patcher/lobby but you cant do anything without a login

Jonny said...

Someone on TPB said it's legit.

Nezabyte said...

oh my bad, I didn't finish downloading it -_- yes, I'm a noob like that.

Jonny said...

Cool! Too bad I can't login. :/

Jonny said...

Well, now somebody just needs to up the patched client...

Hazzerd said...

Haha yeah, I get an error that says:

Hardware check failed - you cannot run darkfall. - *No SSE2 (The login still comes up however)So all we need is the client... and an account...

The updater part of it works too, it tries download a patch 39.24mb of size.

It downloads from a website called:

Of course I need an account to finish the download sadly.

Hazzerd said...

Mwhaha! Brought to you by Hazzerd.

sankle said...

that darkfall.exe is the same one as in the torrent

Hazzerd said...

Obviously, but the fact that we actually know the website where all the patches and exe comes from makes it easier. (easier to download than a torrent aswell)

sankle said...

what's weird is that the installed game, comes with an .ini file that points to the installer exe on their server

Ellen said...

That's for updates.

Anonymous said...

If nothing else this should quiet all the stupid trolls out there calling is "vaporwarz".

Thank god.

And awesome leak, looks like sieging and naval combat should be in at launch.

Blah25 said...

Anonymous said...

what does that url with /account do?

Anonymous said...

I was mucking around with the URL and got to this.

Take a peak.

Nezabyte said...

very nice find.

Daniel said...

Very nice dude.

Carson said...

New Patch


We have fixed most of the problems people had with the patching process. You should all get decent patching speeds now.

A new patch has been released.
We've reset the patch system and done some optimization on the dataset.
The complete dataset has been reduced to around 8 GB in this patch instead of 20 GB as it was before.

We've gone up several build numbers since the last patch, and the characters have been wiped.

Fixes and Upgrades in this patch includes

[*] A new lobby has been activated
[*] GUI has been reworked and completely reskinned
[*] Sprint hack from earlier builds have been fixed
[*] Vendors always place a marker on the minimap now
[*] Invisible items on hotbar has been fixed
[*] Camera modes have been updated. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out
[*] City building mode camera has been fixed, so it never gets stuck
[*] Warhulk movement have been enhanced (You can use F12 to toggle camera modes when driving a warhulk)
[*] Mount controls has been tweaked.
[*] Mount movement bug where you, in some cases, would get stuck close to other players or NPCs have been fixed
[*] Rivers have been updated. If you go swim in a river, it will now carry you downstream.
[*] Swimming has been tweaked
[*] All attributes has been enabled
[*] Base attributes increasing will now display a signal to you
[*] Resource nodes have been tweaked
[*] Resource nodes that are empty will now display a proper message
[*] Clan Window and Journal window has been fixed. If a bug is encountered there it will not freeze the game
[*] If you get damaged just before you teleport, the damage effect will no longer say on your camera
[*] Progress bars will not potentially be hidden behind other windows anymore
[*] Extremely rare player trading problem have been fixed
[*] NPC animations have been updated
[*] Many, many more chests have been added. These need specific keys to access them. You can usually find this on monsters nearby.
[*] Many toolboxes, weapon racks etc. have been enabled for you to loot around the world.
[*] Crafting window improvements
[*] Rune stones(Recall stones) have been enabled. Anyone can use a rune stone, but to bind a location into it, you need to be trained in that skill.
[*] A bug where you could not buy greater magic have been fixed
[*] You can now configure if you want hit sounds or not (A hit sound is a sound that is played when you do damage to something). It's option can be found in audio options
[*] You now start with one starter (conscript) weapon and you can change this, for a price, at a vendor
[*] You can now buy more slots for starter weapons at a vendor. (Maximum is 3)
[*] Directional attacks for all melee weapons have been added. You can slice vertically or horizontally. The default key for toggling this is 'T'.
[*] Animations for seize and knock back skills for melee weapons have been fixed
[*] Some problematic gank animations for Mirdain have been fixed
[*] Update and new features for the Clan Window
[*] Update and new features for the Player Journal
[*] Update to the high score lists.
[*] Many more quests added
[*] High score quests have been enabled
[*] Time limit highscore quests have been enabled
[*] Massive AI update: Many more monsters have been added
[*] AI behaviour has been severely improved
[*] More wildlife monsters (tigers, bears, lions etc) have been enabled
[*] Underwater monsters have been enabled
[*] Dungeon monsters have been enabled
[*] Monsters will now visibly taunt you (if you deserve it)
[*] Some monsters packs will be roaming: If you meet some monsters at a specific location, that doesn't mean that they will be there the next time you pass.
[*] Monsters will now sometimes send personal taunts to you
[*] Environment system have been fully enabled: Ambience and weather will now change in both time and as you move around areas. One Darkfall Day is now approx 5 human hours
[*] In game help has been enabled. Press the help button on the main menu to get to the help pages.
[*] Rest skill will now raise with use and as you get better you will regenerate faster
[*] Bindstone recall spawn timer has been fixed and you can now also cancel the skill by moving
[*] Updates to armor graphics
[*] Environment in Character Creator has been fixed
[*] Default binding of 'i' to invert mouse has been fixed
[*] More player skills have been added.
[*] Clan cities belonging to you own clan will now display on your world- and minimap.
[*] You can choose what markers to display on your world and minimap by going to Options->GUI Options
[*] Initiating a clan conquest against a city will now display countdown timers on all the participants.
[*] Initiating a clan conquest will now display the challenged city and the challengers cities on the world- and minimap.
[*] Stats from all conquest will now be properly saved
[*] The city building process now displays the cost (in building modules) of creating a city building.
[*] A challenged city that has been taken over will now properly kick the people who are bound there
[*] City local bonuses will now properly be removed when the building is disabled, and re enabled when the building is enabled again.
[*] City local and global bonuses (get these by building a unique wonder) will now be enabled correctly again after a server restart
[*] Built Clan city cannons are now usable after a server restart
[*] Dwarven and Mirdain Clan Cannons now functional in all cities
[*] You now have to have the building modules in your back pack when building a city. You can no longer have them in the Clan Vault (so people can kill you and steal it when you are building a city)
[*] Entire world has been fixed to remove gaps in the world
[*] Updates to the world

Jonny said...

Wow! That's a big one!

zaka said...

I don't understand, what's been reduced to 8 gigs?

Jonny said...

I'm guessing the game installation.

Jesse said...

[*] Directional attacks for all melee weapons have been added. You can slice vertically or horizontally. The default key for toggling this is 'T'.


blue said...

Very good new parch (the one posted above) I'm guessing it's nr. 78.

Directional Attacks are in - awesome, world will be alot more populated -awesome, all features are supposedly in - awesome.

Hopefully in the next month everything will be going smoothly untill the 25th of Feb

GJ leakers

Anonymous said...

Holy shit I just creamed my pants after reading that last patch. Underwater and dungeon monsters are in? And a shit ton more monsters got put in?


Anton said...

Wow.. what a nice patch. I like directional attacks, however im not too found of switching between them with a keyboard button. Also, what are directional attacks good for? Do they serve a purpose or is it just eyecandy?

Joakim said...

"We are posting the Patch Notes here since our forums are under DOS attack. We are working to resolve that issue. "

James said...

As attacks are aimed it's probably got some tactical use, especially with DF's friendly fire.
I'd guess overhead attacks would be best when you and a group-member are attacking the same mob. (To reduce chances of hurting him)
Horizontal slices would be better when facing two or more mobs by yourself, hopefully catching more than one of them with each hit.

Sylver said...
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Darius said...

i'm not to crazy about switching directional attacks either but i can write an AutoHotkey script to change that

Kun said...

More goodies!

Carl said...

there's nothing on those links except for the heading....

Kun said...

Yep, that's what testers see on their launcher.

Anonymous said...

@ Carl

I bet that's going to be the new website.

jag said...

best leak!

if all this is true, the trolls need to GTFO NOW!

Julius said...
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