Monday, January 19, 2009

Everyone go to

Yep im not going to be playing Darkfall anyway so Ive decided to close down the blog. If you want to get leaks still, please head over to and Here for the specific Darkfall forum.

To all leakers:
You can go to this link which sends you the "submit a leak" page at betaleaks. com, there you can submit anything you want but will have to provide proof . You will have to wait for a moderator to confirm your leak, which is completely anonymous.

This is what it says in the "submit a leak" section

Submitting a leak in this forum means that the volunteer staff of will review the story for front page consideration. Please include collobortive information with your story so that the staff may review it faster. Information may include screenshots, links to documentation, or a collaborating news story. Remember the only people whom can see your thread in this forum is you and the staff of
REMEMBER press control + h to clear your Ui away.

P.s- Im also closing the blog because this blog is no longer needed.....i made this blog because betaleaks was down for maintenance. Now that its up it provides much much more than this blog ever could.

Thank you for all reading my blog and i wish you all the best.


Anton said...

erhm, you must be getting about 30k+ views a day and yet you close the site?

Why won't you be playing darkfall anyway?

Ka-Wiz said...

sucks you have to close, was interesting while it lasted.

thanks for the effort, faithkiller :D

bo said...

Seriously, that other guys is right, if you get 30k+ hits throw some google adwords or something on the site and you will be making money. Then who cares if you play the game or not?

Faithkiller said...

I dont want to make money of other peoples "leaks" 2 un-ethical. I dont know why your worried...betaleaks will provide just as many leaks as I ever would...perhaps more. The leaker have been answering questions also on the forums.

Federico said...

why are you not going to play darkfall?

Faithkiller said...

CUz i have a bad gaming addiction... not because i dont want to.

Tim said...

epic fail on your part in my had an awesome thing going here.

and beta leaks sucks my god, so nasty.

you were our only hope, gfg now i gotta go back to that nasty ass site

Zeros said...

Did you get threatened with a lawsuit or something here? Having a hard time believing you would just close down this site all of a sudden and sayign you arent going to play the game. Sad to see you go. Enjoyed this site while it lasted.

Karo said...

All faithkiller did was receive emails... and then post those emails. While acting like a prick. Any chimp can do that.

Glad to see him gone, nobody would even have come to this shitty little blog if hadn't temporarily gone down. I certainly wouldn't have.

Nezabyte said...

What's up with all the hate? Faithkiller kept us updated with the latest leaks, and I don't recall him acting like an ass at all.

Anyway, sorry to hear you aren't gonna play, but I can understand that you wanna get away from gaming for awhile.

Thx for the blog!

Carl said...

Thanks for all your work Faithfkiller.

BrownSwiss said...

so how hard did Aventurine pressure you? did Tasos threaten the health of your testicles?

Faithkiller said...

Nope honestly taking a break from gaming.

I wont be posting anywhere anytime soon.

Cya and thanks again

Shawk said...

Least you know when your 10 minutes are up.

Vessol said...

Best of luck to you. I hope you reconsider once the game has released.

waofy said...

Thanks for hosting this blog for all of us that have been watching Darkfall. The leaks have made the waiting for launch a lot easier.

Anonymous said...

A shame. I've enjoyed reading your blog!

Oh well. Thanks, and good luck getting over your addiction!

Lycanthrope said...

Thanks Faithkiller. I admire you're taking a break due to the gaming addiction. Good luck, and take care.

gk0r said...

Far out - BL is screwed up again!!!
Sorry folks. Currently the site is down for more upgrades. When you get back you'll be able to read the forum rules and act like normal human beings.

We will be back later this week.

How about you keep this blog running until the game is released? Clearly BL is not even capable of keepinging their site up. You, on other hand, is doing awesome work here. Reconsider. said...

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After the closure of, we'd like to offer you this new and even more advanced homepage. So far, we've started putting up our very first news and articles. Updates and further information will be added continually to ensure the site and it's visitors are always up-to-date. Additional features, like the possibility to upload your screenshots and videos (secure from any possible censorship) are planned for the future. Stay tuned


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