Friday, January 23, 2009

78 patch notes + Client Torrent!

Darkfall Torrent Link removed
(fucking upload the 8 gigs so it doesn't slow everyone with invites, not just the PATCHIER)

New Patch or here for link



We have fixed most of the problems people had with the patching
process. You should all get decent patching speeds now.

A new patch has been released.
We've reset the patch system and done some optimization on the dataset.
The complete dataset has been reduced to around 8 GB in this patch
instead of 20 GB as it was before.

We've gone up several build numbers since the last patch, and the
characters have been wiped.

Fixes and Upgrades in this patch includes

[*] A new lobby has been activated
[*] GUI has been reworked and completely reskinned
[*] Sprint hack from earlier builds have been fixed
[*] Vendors always place a marker on the minimap now
[*] Invisible items on hotbar has been fixed
[*] Camera modes have been updated. You can use the mouse wheel to
zoom in and out
[*] City building mode camera has been fixed, so it never gets stuck
[*] Warhulk movement have been enhanced (You can use F12 to toggle
camera modes when driving a warhulk)
[*] Mount controls has been tweaked.
[*] Mount movement bug where you, in some cases, would get stuck close
to other players or NPCs have been fixed
[*] Rivers have been updated. If you go swim in a river, it will now
carry you downstream.
[*] Swimming has been tweaked
[*] All attributes has been enabled
[*] Base attributes increasing will now display a signal to you
[*] Resource nodes have been tweaked
[*] Resource nodes that are empty will now display a proper message
[*] Clan Window and Journal window has been fixed. If a bug is
encountered there it will not freeze the game
[*] If you get damaged just before you teleport, the damage effect
will no longer say on your camera
[*] Progress bars will not potentially be hidden behind other windows anymore
[*] Extremely rare player trading problem have been fixed
[*] NPC animations have been updated
[*] Many, many more chests have been added. These need specific keys
to access them. You can usually find this on monsters nearby.
[*] Many toolboxes, weapon racks etc. have been enabled for you to
loot around the world.
[*] Crafting window improvements
[*] Rune stones(Recall stones) have been enabled. Anyone can use a
rune stone, but to bind a location into it, you need to be trained in
that skill.
[*] A bug where you could not buy greater magic have been fixed
[*] You can now configure if you want hit sounds or not (A hit sound
is a sound that is played when you do damage to something). It's
option can be found in audio options
[*] You now start with one starter (conscript) weapon and you can
change this, for a price, at a vendor
[*] You can now buy more slots for starter weapons at a vendor. (Maximum is 3)
[*] Directional attacks for all melee weapons have been added. You can
slice vertically or horizontally. The default key for toggling this is
[*] Animations for seize and knock back skills for melee weapons have
been fixed
[*] Some problematic gank animations for Mirdain have been fixed
[*] Update and new features for the Clan Window
[*] Update and new features for the Player Journal
[*] Update to the high score lists.
[*] Many more quests added
[*] High score quests have been enabled
[*] Time limit highscore quests have been enabled
[*] Massive AI update: Many more monsters have been added
[*] AI behaviour has been severely improved
[*] More wildlife monsters (tigers, bears, lions etc) have been enabled
[*] Underwater monsters have been enabled
[*] Dungeon monsters have been enabled
[*] Monsters will now visibly taunt you (if you deserve it)
[*] Some monsters packs will be roaming: If you meet some monsters at
a specific location, that doesn't mean that they will be there the
next time you pass.
[*] Monsters will now sometimes send personal taunts to you
[*] Environment system have been fully enabled: Ambience and weather
will now change in both time and as you move around areas. One
Darkfall Day is now approx 5 human hours
[*] In game help has been enabled. Press the help button on the main
menu to get to the help pages.
[*] Rest skill will now raise with use and as you get better you will
regenerate faster
[*] Bindstone recall spawn timer has been fixed and you can now also
cancel the skill by moving
[*] Updates to armor graphics
[*] Environment in Character Creator has been fixed
[*] Default binding of 'i' to invert mouse has been fixed
[*] More player skills have been added.
[*] Clan cities belonging to you own clan will now display on your
world- and minimap.
[*] You can choose what markers to display on your world and minimap
by going to Options->GUI Options
[*] Initiating a clan conquest against a city will now display
countdown timers on all the participants.
[*] Initiating a clan conquest will now display the challenged city
and the challengers cities on the world- and minimap.
[*] Stats from all conquest will now be properly saved
[*] The city building process now displays the cost (in building
modules) of creating a city building.
[*] A challenged city that has been taken over will now properly kick
the people who are bound there
[*] City local bonuses will now properly be removed when the building
is disabled, and re enabled when the building is enabled again.
[*] City local and global bonuses (get these by building a unique
wonder) will now be enabled correctly again after a server restart
[*] Built Clan city cannons are now usable after a server restart
[*] Dwarven and Mirdain Clan Cannons now functional in all cities
[*] You now have to have the building modules in your back pack when
building a city. You can no longer have them in the Clan Vault (so
people can kill you and steal it when you are building a city)
[*] Entire world has been fixed to remove gaps in the world
[*] Updates to the world


"General question to any leaker.
Question, are stats(dex,vit,str...) Fixed or do they improve when you use skills?

This and if stats improve how fast do they improve, and to what extent(like from 25 to 100)."

Stats go up as you use things related to the stats, as far as I can tell. They go up at a reasonable pace and they increase fractionally.

"I dont see why people in a pvp game would really give a shit how long it takes to cross the game world. WHO GIVES A SHIT!If anything make the world smaller for more pvp action. This isnt a RP game."

I hear that it takes 2.5 hours to walk across the game world. The only thing I know for sure is that it takes 30-40 minutes to sprint between capital cities, as I have tested that personally. The world is more than big enough to get off the grid.

"QUESTION: What about the forest? How does it look like? Is it dense? With bushes, small, large trees? Or just one tree here, one tree there...
Noone said a thing about forest... :("

The pine forests look like real pine forests. There are all kinds of different landscapes. Swamps, Blasted lands, Desert, Frozen, Broadleaf and Pine Forests. Most of which have some fantasy or alien like plants or rocks as well.

"With clans/clanadministration, ships, sieging enabled how can testers have the feeling not much is turned on ?"

As I said before, I could only answer what I had experienced first hand, otherwise I said that I did not see it yet. There have been plenty of wipes and there was a small population before. So while perhaps some others have seen this stuff and don't talk about it, I still have not. The things I said were off, were off. That was the population of dungeons and some outdoor spawn areas. Maybe that will be on as well with this new build. Very possible.

The devs and some other beta testers do not appreciate any leaks at all. With all due repect, I do not feel bad leaking some positive and counter information to the negative leaks that were already out. They certainly were not going to say anything about it, and I do not know if they realized how many people didn't even believe their game existed before these leaks started. Even now some people still think this is like Dark and Light or Dawn. Which it is not. This is a very good and solid game.

As for the current status, we are still waiting for the game servers to come up and most people I imagine are still patching. The patching started very slow but seems to be speeding up now. The new patch screen and icon looks very polished and is what you would expect from a professional company. Unlike their earlier temporary login screen.

Additionally, many new testers have been let in, and it sounds like they are going to keep letting in more and more people as they are able to. Hopefully the game servers will be up very soon. -leakreader2


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Patch Notes 66 - 77

IMPORTANT: if you have just gotten into beta PLEASE LOOK HERE

Build 77 Notes

New Patch

A new patch has been released. A character wipe has been performed.

Fixes and updates in this patch includes:
  • Updates to conquest system
  • Updates to conquest messaging
  • Harvesting skill fails on resource node depletion
  • Lesser Magic balancing update
  • Misc skills balancing update
  • More of the problems that some people have with Journal and Clan window has been fixed
  • Hall of Fame/Highscore lists have been enabled
  • Personal stats update
  • Incorrect placements of objects in paperdoll has been fixed
  • AI movement enhancement
  • AI now attacks warhulks, cannons and ships properly
  • In some situations an explosive spell might have blasted through a wall or similar structures. This has been fixed
  • Situations where you would float upwards ad inifinitum in water have been fixed
  • Dungeons have been enabled (Monsters etc. in dungeons have not been enabled in this build)
  • Updates to the World
  • Server updates

General information:

We are moving into the play testing phase. We do, however, still expect some system configuration to pop up.
For everything that we would like your help to test, we will create a thread in the 'Testing and Feedback forum'.

We have done some changes in the server configuration to prepare for the hordes, so we might have a bit of a bumpy ride for the next few days.

Happy New Year to all our testers!

Build 76 Notes

New Patch

A new patch has been released.

This patch is just some minor fixes/updates that includes

  • Fishing has been enabled again
  • Resource nodes have been tweaked
  • When a resource node is empty, you will receive an onscreen message
  • Some minor bug fixes on the client
  • Some system messages have been fixed thanks to your bugreports

Be sure to read the patch notes from build 75 located here

Please test resource depletion and give us feedback in the forum.

Build 75 Notes

New Patch

A new patch has been released. A character wipe has been performed.

Fixes and updates in this patch includes:
  • Duplications of bag windows have been fixed
  • The bug where you sometimes were unable to open your bank/loot/clan vault window has been fixed
  • Duplication of items on client (graphically only) that happened under certain circumstances has been fixed
  • Vendor spells have been enabled again
  • Dragging a stack of items and releasing them on top of another stack of similar items will now auto-merge them
  • Audio bugs have been fixed
  • Problem with journal or clan window displaying a black page has been fixed *1)
  • More Chaos Stones have been enabled in the world
  • Last remaining crashes when streaming from HD has been fixed *2)
  • Shield will not be removed if you choose to wear a robe
  • Input bug where extra mouse buttons would not work in GUI mode has been fixed
  • Sound updates for mount
  • Clan boards have been enabled *3)
  • Blocking has been updated *4)
  • All resources in the world will now get drained *5)
  • Some updates to the Conquest System
  • Some updates to the Clan Politics messages (Allies/Enemies/etc)
  • AI update
  • Polearm attacks have been updated
  • Ganking has been enabled. (Default key to select the skill is 'X'). Use a melee weapon. Aim at a helpless player on the ground and press attack (Default: Left MB) *6)
  • Reviving has been enabled. (Default key to select the skill is 'Z'). Sheathe your weapon, aim at the player and press attack. *6)
  • Enabled the start of giving out free resources to our testers *7)
  • Messages about people using the structures in a Clan City/Hamlet now output correct structure
  • Looting under water has been enabled
  • Updates to the world

Regarding patch notes:
  1. If you still experience display problems or something similar with the journal or clan window, please take a screen shot and mail it to us together with the log of the client.(Shut down the client and run the Report Error tool, so we get the logs)
  2. We are still logging heavily, so you might experience some stuttering from time to time
  3. Regarding the Clan Boards: Everything you post there will be gone every time we wipe.
    There is also a problem where the scrollbars does not show up. We are working to fix this ASAP. (The clan boards contains private messaging system, calendars to set up events and more)
  4. Regarding the update of the block skill: It drains a little bit less stamina, but will induce a stamina loss on the enemy in case of a successful block.
  5. All resource nodes in the world will get drained now. (This includes trees, bushes, rocks etc.) We would like your feedback on how this works out. Do you think there are too many resources available on the nodes? Too few? Too fast regrowing? Create a thread in the forum about this and tell us your thoughts about this, but bear in mind that you have to imagine that the world is filled with a lot more players.
  6. Gank/Revive has been enabled. When you die now, several things might happen to you: You might be decapitated, your head might be violently crushed, you might simply die OR you might end up on the ground helpless. If the latter is the the case, then you have 3 things that might happen: You can tap out using the space bar (which will bring you back to your bind point), a friend (or enemy) can choose to revive you or an enemy (or friend) can choose to gank you (finishing move). Also note that blood effects for ganking are not complete.
  7. When you log in now, you will be given 10K gold in your backpack. This is tied to your account, so creating multiple characters will not give you more. This is a test both for us and for you. Later we will start giving out more and elevate your skills/spells after wipes.

Known Issues and General Information

  • If you experience any "erroneous" AI behavior, please take a screen shot of it and mail it to us with a description of the problem.
  • Resource output of clan city/hamlet farms, mines, wood quarries etc. have not been balanced on the server.

We don't have the capacity to report back to each individual reporting a bug, but we process each and every one of them. When we are done, a bug report hall of fame will be created and you will receive much glory :-)

Regarding the testing phases:
We are slowly moving from the hardware testing phase onto the game testing phase.
We are still mostly concerned about errors in the game (crash bugs and exploits), but we will start focus testing certain areas and ask for your feedback. Starting today with the resource drain on nodes in the world.

Build 74 Notes

New Patch

A new patch and installer has been released.

Fixes and updates in this patch includes:
  • Fixes to delays in loading that you experienced in the last build *1)
  • Some UI updates
  • Fixes for situations where you would fall trough objects
  • Bug fixes and updates in Journal
  • Bug fixes and updates in Clan
  • Some updates to the farms/mines/etc in the clan cities
  • Updates to some armor graphics
  • Some updates to quests
  • Updates to the AI
  • Updates to skill
  • Updates to loot
  • Updates to spells
  • Negative alignment will now kick you from Greater Stones
  • General Alignment system fixes
  • Number of binds you have in a Clan city has been fixed
  • Number of binds you have in a Clan Hamlet has been fixed
  • End of world has been enabled
  • Updates to the world

*1) The delays you might have been experiencing in the last builds was caused by us doing some excessive logging. This is to catch some errors that happens on only a very small subset of the testers. We are still doing a lot of logging, so please bear with us as we are doing this to find issues that we can't reproduce in-house.

Known Issues and General Information

  • If you leave a clan city or a clan hamlet, the buildings might have a graphical explosion. This will be taken out in the next server build.
  • If you experience any "erroneous" AI behavior, please take a screen shot of it and mail it to us with a description of the problem.

Build 71 Notes

New Patch

A new patch has been released.

This patch is mainly for some changes on the server, but does include these fixes on the client:
  • Hotbar issues where some items were invisible have been resolved
  • Hotbar issue with duplication of items have been fixed
  • Wrong texture around chat area has been fixed
  • Wrong texture on some scrollbars have been fixed
  • Misc minor bugfixes on the client

Known issues

  • Please do not use the portals that are seated around the world. They lead nowhere right now. All of them will be added in the following days, and I will let you know here when you can start using them.

Please also make sure you read the patch notes from build 70 located here

Build 70 Notes

New Patch

A new patch has been released.

Fixes and updates in this patch includes:
  • Journal window Update
  • Clan window update
  • Skill window update
  • Spell window update
  • Vendor service tab has been updated
  • Eternally galloping horse have been fixed
  • Mount sound update
  • City building update
  • Conquest update
  • More monsters added (We will slowly over the next week enable more and more monsters)
  • AI tactic updated
  • Resting hit box bug that was introduced in the last build on the beta server has been fixed (1 line of a file wasn't transfered to the server)
  • Mana missile excessive damage has been fixed
  • Skills have been updated
  • Spells have been updated
  • /party_invite_player "firstname" "lastname" has been enabled
  • Streaming HD bug has been fixed
  • Fixes to startup problems
  • Tool tip fixes
  • Robe has been fixed
  • You can no longer sprint when you are encumbered
  • Rogue status is easier to attain now
  • Guardstower damage has been enhanced
  • Many minor bug fixes
  • More updates to the world
  • And more

Known Issues and General Information

  • The fix for problems with bags being duplicated (albeit only graphically on the client) and bank windows opening multiple times is not included in this build.
  • The above problem is the same as why you sometimes can't open your bank or claun vault.
  • Do NOT spam the global channel. We have the logs and ofcourse account name from the last incident. Do not let that happen again.
  • The planned conquest mass testing is scheduled to happen sometime next week.

Thank you for the bug reports. Keep them coming.

New Patch

This is mainly an update to fix some data integrity problems.
Please read the patch notes for Build 66 & 67 here

In addition some other fixes/updates made it into this patch:
  • The problem some players experienced where scrolling in the Journal/Clan turned the window black has been fixed
  • AI update
  • Updates to the world

Because of the integrity problems a character wipe had to be performed.

Build 66 and 67 Notes

New Patch

A new patch has been released.

Fixes and updates in this patch includes:
  • The 'Sliding as if on ice' bug when moving in certain areas have been fixed
  • Some startup crashes have been fixed
  • Attributes of all items put in a Clan Vault will now persist
  • Bug in chat where the top line would be cluttered in certain circumstances has been fixed
  • 'God mode' crouch bug has been fixed *1)
  • Updates to the world
  • /bindstone_recall now takes some time (will be extended later)
  • Clan Cities and hamlets have been enabled!

*1) Please help us verify that all instances of the 'God mode' crouch bug has been fixed.
Try all scenarios where you would make it work earlier.

Known Issues and General Information

  • Thanks to your reports we have found the reason for the bug that makes the client crash in some circumstances after running for a long time around the map. We are working on it and it will most likely be included in the next patch.
  • The problem with bags not closing and bags being duplicated in the GUI is being worked on.
  • If you should ever get a spinning wheel on the camera (e.g. in the Dwarven areas) please take a screenshot and mail it to us.

Clan Cities and Clan Hamlets

In this build the Clan Cities and Clan Hamlets have been enabled.
Things are slowly being taken from our internal repository and deposited on the beta servers. This means that there might be a few problems in the next couple of days.

The clan cities and hamlets unlock, among other things, the following:
  • Crafting of Ships
  • Crafting of Battlespikes
  • Crafting of Warhulks
  • Crafting of Cannons and more
  • Wonders for global bonuses for the owning Clan
  • Note that the bonuses you potentially get inside the city and for wonders don't have their correct corresponding icons yet, so if you manage to build the correct structures you will see smileys on the top of your screen for the next few days.

General hints and information about the cities:
  • To build city structures, you will have to have Building Modules. These have to be crafted.
  • To claim a city you need a Clan Shard and have the rank of General or higher. Go within the city boundaries and double click it in your backpack.
  • When you first start building a city, you don't have a bank. This means that the player who chooses to build must have enough Building Modules in his inventory to build what he chooses to build. After this you can deposit building modules in the clan vault.
  • To build a city you must either have the rank of a General or higher OR be a Mayor of the city.
  • To start the building process press alternative use on the clan stone (default key is 'G')
  • If you build farms, mines etc. do note that the output from these are not finalized in any way on the beta servers.
  • If you build the city defensive structures (The huge cannon like structures) do note that the damage dealt from these have not been finalized
  • The local and global bonuses applied from the clan cities have not been finalized
  • The spawn bonuses applied from building houses etc. have not been finalized
  • Repair damaged structures using repair tools and repair shards
  • Error messages from City operations are not properly routed to the client in this build.
  • And more as you will eventually discover

General info on the testing ahead:

In a few days I will set up a focused testing where I will only enable a few cities and then divide you up into a few clans and have you test the conquest system for bugs and exploits. All resources necessary for doing this will be given to you.
I will get back to this after the next patch.

In the meantime keep those bug reports comming.



  • Are you sick of the fact that the N.D.A is still up?
  • Are you sick of forumfallers speculating on the game?
  • Join the U.S Arm....oh i mean....
  • Join G.A.N.D.A (Gamers against non-disclosure agreement's) and leak for your internet'z!


Someone to upload the Darkfall client to the TPB (the pirate bay)
Testers to leak in-game images and game-play videos
Testers to answer reader questions
Testers to write up articles and previews


How do I leak videos?
  1. Well my good fellow, first up you will need to log-in to the Darkfall game.
  2. While in (FPS) First person mode press Control+H (disables UI)
  3. If you want to know how to get a free version of fraps, Please Email me (link below)
  4. Once you have recorded fith fraps compress with Virtual Dub > google it
  5. Upload to Dailey-planet or youtube
  6. Email me the videos link at
How do I leak Screenshots?
  1. Well my good fellow, first up you will need to log-in to the Darkfall game.
  2. While in (FPS) First person mode press Control+H (disables UI)
  3. Take Screenshots with the PrtSc (print screen) button
  4. Email me the screenshots at
  5. Profit

How do I leak written Articles?
  1. Write the article containing dem leakz
  2. While in (FPS) First person mode press Control+H (disables UI)
  3. Take Screenshots with the PrtSc (print screen) button
  4. Send them with your article to
  5. Profit +9


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First batch answered!

By pressing Control + H (hides ui) and going into first person i think
you can take screenshots pretty safely.

Here are some questions

Mine first:
1.Out of /10 what do you rate the game at the moment:
I would give it a 6/10 just need more features unlock to see if they work like I said its a little grindy maybe they will fix when server back up/

2.What do you rate the game potential out of /10:::: 10/10 Could be the game everyone is looking for
3. which race is the best looking:::
Byfar Alfar i would say or maybe i am just a alfar freak lol

4. How do you rate total funness/enjoyment out of /10::::
Well i been waiting for ever and i would say 9/10 just need more tester in game

patience_edge said...
1. Mobs loot you.:
Havnt seen it yet but i think i heard someone say it was working

2. Mobs that gain a lot of kills increase in power through their experience.:::
Not sure

3. Mobs if left unchecked for too long establish their own cities.::::
Not sure

4. Mob's migrate by changing their spawn location if they are
killed too many times.::
Not sure

5. Mobs detect players through a combination of sound, sight and
smell. This implies staying down wind, moving lightly and in the
shadows should conceal you from mobs.::: T
he mobs are very hard to figure out they are amazing smart, guess i havnt really tryed to hide from one

can you confirm?

Morgan said...

Q. Can you tell us about the ambience of the game? Are there
special sounds like birds chirping or insects buzzing? When you swim
underwater, is the floor covered with aquatic plants and rocks?
Its amazing very well detailed i would say. Yes you will hear random noises like birds and other stuff untill you hhere someone fighting!!! :) and go for the kill!!!

Jonas Barkå said...

Q: Can you tell us more about the special attack skills that are
in the game. How specific a weapon category are they associated with?
Are there special attacks for ranged combat? Can you give any examples
of special attack skills?
Havn't seen any range attacks specials soo not sure but typical mvoe for sword that i always got was a knockback move and thats about it couldnt get skill high enough before wipe

Q: Have you had the chance to try spears and/or throwing weapons? if
yes what do you think about them.
Nope i want to but havnt seen any yet

Eric said...

Q: What are the stats on a some basic items? Have seen much of a
difference in stats on weapons ranging from low end to high end?
Example: Goblin Axe (+1 Axe) vs. Legendary Saber of the Pwn (+100
Sword, +100 Strength, + Health, etc.):::::
not really all weapons do about the same damage havnt seen a rare weapon or anything but all the gear i wore or found was almost same stats i mean little diffrence but not to make a huge diffrence at all.


Leakster & Foxtrot

Updated: More stuff at in red from the leaker who will be named Foxtrot.
oh btw those screen shots are awesome and you cant see them hahahahaha
My Precious...dont touch my precious

Hey been testing the game for awhile i got in through Clan beta. I just wanted to comment on the negative comment. I tottaly disagree with alot he says. The game is acutally very well done and just a little low population on alot of stuff but i will have to say that it is a really good game at the state it is in. The only thing is the grind is really bad right now and hopfully they fix it a tad bit. I don't have much info to leak because havnt experniced much yet. Here are some screenshots to prove that I am in.

He has said that i could ask him some leave your questions in comments and I will pick the best 5 or so.

Please use the name: Leakster when posting my comments, also please don't distribute my screenshot, it is just for you to validate my comments authenticity.

I would like to share my comments about the game.


While the mob density is very low, the game is fun when you find a mob to attack. Other than that I have only ran into one person during testing. Obviously tons of stuff is turned off. There is only one track of music that plays in a continous loop over and over as you traverse the landscape. It is true that the landscape isn't boring, it is extremely varied, I would like to not that I only found one mountain that I couldn't climb and it was a sheer rock face, everything else is able to be traversed as far as i can tell so far. There are all kinds of different tree's about, some tree's you can climb, they like branch out and their limbs touch the ground, they make good hidding spots for bow attacks on enemies. The combat is hack and slash to me, off course skills do make some difference in damage, and using stuff like shields and blocking reduce damage. While I have read others say you can't block with a 2 hander you can, you just hold the weapon up vertically to block incoming attacks. I have seen several types of mobs in the game besides goblins, the mobs spawns take som walking to find though. The day/night is done very well, with the shadows working as expected. I think more itemization needs to be done, I was hoping for tons of items. As far as crafting goes there was maybe 15 swords you could make, but that was just one handers. I am sure there are more, maybe some haven't made into game yet. I was hoping for a great selection though. It costs money and resources to craft, if mess up your money and resources are gone. You do not know the stats of the item until after you have made it. I made a goblin axe, the crafted version had the same stats as the one i could get off a goblin, I thought the stats on a crafted one might be better. The NPC's in town are like mummies that just stand there and do nothing, no voice overs just text.

Right now the quest system must not be in, while there are some chain quests to be found near towns, the NPCs I have encountered in town only had a couple of quests, as I did those and came back no other one's existed. The game world is huge like everyone says, while I never tested the time moving from the west coast to east coast. It took me 1 hour to move from a starter town in the south to one in the north. That is just running and then doing a little walking, if combat occurs in between expect more time. For me the game has a lot of promise, if everything is implemented correctly and turned on for us all to test then it would probably be the game we have all be waiting for. In the state it is now for testing, it is pretty empty except for the occasional mob and occasional newbie that you can kill.

I tried my hand at fishing, I was pretty good at it and caught various types of fish from lobsters to salmon to bass. You can go buy a pot and cook them in a stove and then you have some food. When eating it it does help you gain stamina and health faster, but not as fast as other games. People looking for a easy handout on getting quick health and stamina back, need look elsewhere. Even when using the heal spell that you get, I noticed it healed for 12 hp, sometimes I would fail at healing myself as well. The games items are pricey, yet when selling items you find out in the wilderness expect low returns.

Also as far as I can tell the beta is just using medium graphics effects at this time, when I try to change textures from medium to large I don't notice any difference at all.

Maybe other testers can give their comments as well, this is all I have for now as the servers are down and have been for quite some days.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Leakreader2 Q&A

""using Sprint the entire time you can. This is the best way to travel"
what about mounts?"

I mean if you are on foot and do not have a mount or a boat and so on. None of which I have had personally in beta. I think what is interesting about sprint is that it lasts for a long time. Many games have a very limited burst sprint that turns off combat abilities and then refreshes. This is very different. You can fight while sprinting and sprint a long time. However, travelling on foot and using sprint quite a bit leaves you in a weakened position if you encounter danger. So it is a trade off to travel faster using it, while doing so with much greater risk.

"- Do you think it will be ready for the limited "open beta" on the 22nd, or will that be postponed?
- Does the game feel more ready after the latest patches/fixes (if there were any)?
- How do the beta testers feel atm?"

Servers are still down and I assume they are working on it. So I don't have much to say about that. Other testers have various opinions as you would expect. Many are huge fans of the game and the concept, as I have become, and others are highly critical of it. My feeling is that if this is the type of game you have been waiting for and following a long time, then most likely you will really love it, as long as your expectations are realistic and you are ready for a very harsh world.

"When you say it takes 30-40 minutes to get from one capital to another.. does that mean the adjoining races capital city? Like Flaming Skull to Sanguine? If so I think the game world will be plenty big then. As long as I can't run the entire length/width of the central continent in 30-40 minutes."

I am talking about the closest different capital cities of the different races. If you were sprinting the shortest possible distance between them on the outer edge of the land mass. Believe it or not, 30-40 minutes is a long time to sprint through the wilderness for one of the shorter journeys. I really don't think the world being too small is going to be an issue for most people. -leakreader2


Optomist VS Pessimist

With some rebuttal from this leaker.
Here is some more information about the world size for those interested. It does take about 30-40 minutes to run from Capital City to another Capital City, if you are using Sprint the entire time you can. This is the best way to travel, and likely it would take twice as long, give or take, if you were not sprinting. Sprint can also be used for several minutes at a time and you gain skill in it as you use it. Walking is also about the same speed as a normal MMORPG. A little slow, but about the realistic pace you would have if you were walking or jogging in real life. Just as sprinting feels about as fast as if you were running in real life.

There are some things I see differently from another leaker that I would like to comment on. Although I do think these things are subjective and will vary depending on what you like in a game or a world. The main disagreements I have are about Darkfall being a grind game, and the empty world comments.

I loathe grind games myself, because I hate the feeling that I need to do repetitive tasks endlessly just to get to the end game and compete. I do not get this feeling whatsoever in Darkfall, because I feel the Character balance is so much better without levels. I believe that I can compete with the other players out there who spend all their time skilling up, and I can group up with anyone in my guild at any time, for any reason. This makes Darkfall totally different from a game where you must grind to participate in the end game. Additionally, I do like advancement, so I do enjoy advancing my character while not feeling the pressure to do so that exists in most MMORPGs. I did not get a feeling that I had to rush to get somewhere at all, while I still felt rewarded by the slight increases over time.

I also disagree about just trees being around the world as you explore. I don't really understand that comment, unless you are comparing it to a game with quests and mobs walking around every square inch of the world, and that is what you like and expect. Darkfall is much more like Oblivion in terms of mob density. To me it makes sense and feels right, and was very well done. Except for some places where they do not have content yet. There are places like this in the word that simply need to be finished, just as most of the places are very detailed and feel natural like a world.

As I have said in the past, I do enjoy the game and will be buying it for certain. This is the type of game I thought nobody would ever even bother to make, so I think it is very exciting. I am concerned about the small team of developers as most people are, but considering how rock solid stable the game is, and mostly bug free, I think they do deserve quite a bit of credit for actually trying something different and doing a decent job of it. They also deserve it for making a PvP full loot sandbox world that I like for once, instead of just another boring level based RvR clone that simply is not worth any of my time or money. -leakreader2


Monday, January 19, 2009

Negative leak.

He has provided screen shots on the betaleaks forums when it as up. May i ask any leaker who Disagrees with him to email me at and state how you think the game holds up?

Hello again betaleaks boards, I used to use these all the time back in the day for informative reasons, now I\'m brought back to foretell some warnings about the current state of DF if they do in fact plan to release it within the next few months.

I\'ve been in the beta for a few months now, and if anything I am thoroughly disgusted with the state of the game, the next to useless developers, and I find it hilarious that they\'ve wasted 6 years worth of time and money to develop a resource harvesting grindfest.

My big gripes:

The world isn\'t that big, despite the fact that your character jogs at a rather slow pace for most of the time, unless you simply macro devour food and stam pots to regain stam as fast as you lose it, it only takes about 35-45 minutes to go from capital to capital, most of the space inbetween is for the most part completely empty except for trees, and other nice little decorations such as rocks and the like, any ruins or structures either denote hamlets, city sites, or mob spawns.

To cross the main continent from end to end takes about 1.5 hours if you take the flattest paths possible.

The combat is pretty bland, your characters attacks range from one to three moves based on the weapons your using, and they are basically overhead chop, left and right swing. You have no direct control over your basic attacks...

Blocking is pretty much useless, sure it reduces damage but it consumes so much stamina in the process that you would be better off simply dodging and running around out of the path of the opposing swings then by trying to block anything.

2h weapons cannot block, if they are supposed to do so they either don\'t or don\'t mitigate any damage.

As of the last build I recall playing (high 60 or low 70), stats weren\'t implemented yet so weapon damage didn\'t vary a great deal unless if you found some nice high multiplier weapons off of some nice mobs somewhere.

Archery was pretty much all I used for PVP, hitting someone in the back causes increased damage, and while bows have a ballistic trajectory over greater distances, it\'s not too hard to get accustomed to using them. So with a basic crap bow and a ton of arrows I would run around jacking people in the back for anywhere between 8-15 damage a shot, all the while kiting them and their buddies across the continent.

Skill progression is grindtastic, Lineage II players will feel right at home, after grinding magic for about a week (by shooting my useless magic missiles into the sky in the middle of nowhere) I had about 50 Magic Skill and could use a small slew of new spells if I could somehow afford them from the vendors in town. the devs never helped us with this so if you didn\'t want to macro fish and sell the 9000 fish you could catch over the course of a good 12 hour afk macro session, to maybe make half of the 15000 gold required to learn the magic skill then w00t. I don\'t know of many people that macro\'d magic to the extent that I did and I certainly couldn\'t find a way to buy all the spells that I wanted to test.

Most ranged spells are slow that they are mostly useless in PVP unless the guu really really isn\'t paying any attention and moves into the patch of the compensate for their slowness they all have an AOE range to some effect, with the beefier versions of mana missile having a larger range and doing more damage...but it\'s still mostly useless in PVP because they will have ample time to simply move out of the way.

Clans and Stones, heres how they work:

It costs about 2k gold to get a clan charter from an NPC, theres no size minimum for starting one but you will need a few people to help you grind mobs to get the 2k gold in the first place since most gold comes from selling loot.

For another 2k or so (I can\'t remember) you can buy a Clan Shard, which is a small blue rock that allows anyone with General or Higher standing to claim clan stones, this works by simply walking near the stone and double clicking the Clan Shard, it took the beta server about 4 hours to figure this out despite being given pretty direct instructions in the beta forum. The person who claims that town becomes the Mayor, currently you can\'t remove or change mayors because they haven\'t fixed it yet, what good the mayor is or does I don\'t know as we never had enough time to build up a town to actually find out.

Now you have to grind resources to build little building templates that you use to build basic structures for your clan city, this requires a skill that costs a ton of gold and each template requires about 300 gold and about 5-10 pieces of wood and has a 66% chance fail rate, each template weighs a damn lot, but you only need to drag it to a bank and then have a guildmember pull it out of a wilderness bank by your city and relay the crap until you use it to facilitate building something.

This is really all there is to the gameI\'ve read what people have posted about \'sieging\' and whatnot but I\'ve never heard of any sieges going on while I was bothered enough to actually play the beta, and I\'d be suprised if the mechanic was even activated to begin with. They didn\'t activate the clanstones until about two weeks before Christmas, and they claim that the game was already \"tested by professional testers\" that managed to miss all the major bugs and massive design flaws with the beta versions 56-68.

So heres my predictions as a pragmatic player of loads of MMO\'s over the years.

Adventurine has stated that they will be doing a competitive \'pre-order\' process that will allow people with preorders to play exclusively on the main Euro server for about a week before DF\'s release, they\'ve stated that they will not wipe this progress whatsoever.

I believe they are doing this in order to attempt to provide additional funding for more serves in the EU for localization purposes, and because they want to make a slight return on their game before the ghost is out of the bag that it is mostly lacking the gameplay part of any game and is a massive resource grinder...which will drive people away from their release but as long as they are paying a 50+ euro preorder for it they won\'t much care.

I speculate that DF won\'t have much of an open beta before they finally decide to release the game whenever they actually do that, because it WILL hurt sales.

I predict that DF will ship and sell to some extent but I feel that the \'shadowbane effect\' will occour again and 1/2 the purchasing population will stop playing within the first three months of the game, which would probably cancel Adventurine\'s ideas of a North American release, which I would wait for since I prefer to stomp the NA guilds, and typically NA mmo servers are more competitive.

If anyone has any other questions postem and I will try to answer them as best I can.



Im a dumbarse...i didnt realise that ogor (admin of betaleaks) wasnt ready for 1000's of registrations and has closed the site up to any new people for a while to fix bugs.

I will continue posting leaks until he is fully ready.
Leakers can still send me leaked info at

/flame my comments if you must /rolleyes


Everyone go to

Yep im not going to be playing Darkfall anyway so Ive decided to close down the blog. If you want to get leaks still, please head over to and Here for the specific Darkfall forum.

To all leakers:
You can go to this link which sends you the "submit a leak" page at betaleaks. com, there you can submit anything you want but will have to provide proof . You will have to wait for a moderator to confirm your leak, which is completely anonymous.

This is what it says in the "submit a leak" section

Submitting a leak in this forum means that the volunteer staff of will review the story for front page consideration. Please include collobortive information with your story so that the staff may review it faster. Information may include screenshots, links to documentation, or a collaborating news story. Remember the only people whom can see your thread in this forum is you and the staff of
REMEMBER press control + h to clear your Ui away.

P.s- Im also closing the blog because this blog is no longer needed.....i made this blog because betaleaks was down for maintenance. Now that its up it provides much much more than this blog ever could.

Thank you for all reading my blog and i wish you all the best.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Juicy leaks!

REMEMBER: If you want to leak email me @

A tester talking about archery

"Archery works as such. When you equip any weapon a tiny crosshair appears on your screen and in the case of a bow, your hands with the bow come up as well just like they would in most FPS games. To fire you hold down the left mouse and you will see yourself nock an arrow and pull back the string. You can release before the bow is completely drawn but I didn't test whether that had any effect on the strength of the shot. Once drawn, you need to adjust your shot for distance and any movement of the target. If the target is 10-20 yards from you and standing still/running at you, you can pretty much just put the crosshair on it and fire away. If the target is 100-200 yards away you need to aim drasticly higher to account for the arc of the arrow. While it will probably get easier with practice, it takes skill to hit a moving target at range.

I didnt see any little circles around the crosshair, maybe your source is thinking of mount and blade where you have to wait for the circle to achieve maximum accuracy."


Tester responding to some DF trolls and haters (my hero)

"Ok, I'll bite since other people in this thread arent --

I have an *** ***** **** and a pretty old motherboard/processor, and I can play the game in max detail just fine.

I dont want to individually address specific people in this thread, because a large number of you are mouth breathing fucktards who are being contrary just to be contrary. Fact is, the game got delayed because there are some COSMETIC issues with the UI/world. The core gameplay is 100% solid; the systems in the game that I have personally experienced are flawless, they are everything the game promised it would deliver. Gameplay is engaging, PVP is straight up the best thing since UO or Asheron's Call Darktide.

Frankly, I think some of you have such boring lives that you are shit talking this game just to make it sound like you have an informed opinion. The fact is, you don't. A large portion of you simply have no idea what you're talking about... I mean seriously, comparing DF to AOC? You are comparing a systems driven PVP mmo to a content driven instanced PVP game that was rushed out the door. I love the logic you toolbags profess; you would shit talk and whine that Aventurine fucked your mom and lit your christmas tree on fire if they released it unready for the public, and you are crying little internet nerd tears because theyr're taking their time to make the best product possible.

The game exists. People are playing it. It is a refreshing change of pace from the current generation of MMOs (which from the sounds of things, most of you would be better off in -- Im pretty sure at least 80% of you are not ready for a full-on PVP game that doesnt have mercy on shitty players or unsound tactical thought). Be glad that they delayed it. Be patient. Your wait will be paid in full when you finally play it.... I speak from experience."


another tester responding to his comments

"From the brief time that I got to play I would agree with his general feel for the game, just with alot less vitriol towards the doubters... they really cant be blamed based on Avents almost autistic disregard for PR. As for whether he'll be joining you guys, alot of the people in beta (and there wasn't alot as far as I could tell) are from established pvp guilds with notable histories. I got to play by visting a friend who is in one of these groups. When I checked the clan tab ingame I saw only like 8 clans and about half of them were groups I had heard of from AC/UO/SB, but its important to remember that founding a clan costs a significant amount of gold. With the frequent wipes its possible that there were more old school clans out there that just didnt bother to farm or spend the cash. My point is that I'd be willing to bet that anyone playing the game now regularly probably has strong ties to an existing guild."



Darkfall has full Uncensored Nudity

No the title is fake....hahahahahahaOh and there is more leaks..below

"The squares are like that in reality and noticeable in the ingame map. Its obvious that they built the world in tiny maps and patched them together. The squares dont seem to line up with the server zones (you sometimes get a slight hiccup when crossing the 'seamless world') so I think they are just a byproduct of how they initially constructed the world.

When I first saw this high rez map a few weeks ago without playing the game I feared that it would be very noticable when you moved from square to square. However upon testing it, the world is so huge that it doesn't register that way at all unless you have the map open and know that you are crossing a boundary.

One thing I was struck by is that even though the graphics are not the best, is that there is a ton of cool stuff strew about the landscape and it never feels generic. Each ruin, abandoned village, outpost has the feel of alot of time and handcrafting put into it. The problem was that out of all these cool places, not many seem populated with critters or npcs."


Friday, January 16, 2009

Detailed World Map leak!

Can someone figure out the travel distance to get from one side of the map to the other?
Thanks in advance

CLick here for higher quality version

Edit: the clouds im assuming are there to tell you thee current im guessing this was taking from the weather map in-game.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spell leaks!

Here are the rest of the magic spells not listed before. There are also more spells than this in game I believe, and these may or may not be correct.

I would also like to comment that the delay Tasos put out is very good news. The game is really solid and just needs some more time. An additional month feels like enough time to me. Far better than releasing it a month early after all these years of waiting. So again, this is very good news and people should be highly positive about it. Darkfall potentially is a game you could play for a very long time, I know I will. -leakreader2

Earth Magic
0 skill
Earthquake - Persistant AOE around the caster. Also harms the caster.
Brawn - Strength buff, self
Acid Arrow - bolt + AOE

25 skill
Acid Shield - Acid resistance buff, self
Impale - Instant piercing damage ray
Tarnish - Acid resistance debuff

50 skill
Acid Ward - Acid resistance, target
Corrosive Blast - Acid bolt + AOE
Stoneskin - Weapon resistance buff, self

75 skill
Acid Rain - Instant ray, summons an Acid Storm AOE
Pungent Mist - No description
Stamina Leech - Instant ray, drains stamina and grants it to the caster

100 skill
Ironskin - Weapon resistance buff, target
Meteor Strike - No description
Disintegrate - Acid Bolt + AOE

Water Magic
0 skill
Gills - Increases the duration the caster may swim underwater
Delayed Shot - Ranged speed debuff, target
Icicle - Ice Bolt

25 skill
Frostbite - Instant Ray, deals cold damage to all targets within the ray's path
Cold Shield - Cold resistance buff, self
Weakening Chill - Cold resistance debuff

50 skill
Cold Ward - Cold resistance buff, target
Water Breathing - Waterbreathing buff, target
Shards - Ice bolt + AOE

75 skill
Clear Thoughts - Intelligence buff, self
Ice Storm - Instant ray, summons an ice storm
Slow - Melee speed debuff

100 skill
Blizzard - Ice bolt + AOE
Toxic Rain - Instant ray + Poison storm

Wind Magic
0 skill
Agility - Dexterity buff, self
Ball Lightning - Lightning bolt + AOE
Arrow Shield - Arrow resistance buff, self

25 skill
Lightning Weakness - Lightning resistance debuff
Lightning Shield - Lightning resistance buff, self
Lightning Bolt - Instant ray, deals lightning damage to all targets within the ray's path

50 skill
Lightning Strike - Lightning bolt + AOE
Lightning Ward - Lightning resistance buff, target
Arrow Ward - Arrow Resistance buff, target
Guiding Wind - Arrow Resistance debuff

75 skill
Thunderstorm - Instant ray, summons a lightning storm
Stormblast - No description
Come Hither - Pulls a target to the caster

100 skill
Tornado - Lightning PBAOE, summons a tornado
Exploding Charge - Lightning Bolt + AOE

0 skill
Needles - Bleed bolt + AOE
Sluggish - Quickness Debuff

25 skill
Spell Curse - Malediction Debuff
Disease - Strength Debuff
Exhaust - Stamina Regen Debuff

50 skill
Pestilence - Vitality debuff
Stupidity - Intelligence debuff
Palsy - Dexterity debuff

75 skill
Insect Swarm - Sends forth a swarm of poisonous insects
Tongue Rot - Spell Success Debuff
Witches Brew - Target regains health & stamina

100 skill
Mana Leech - Drains mana and grants it to the caster
Ominous Drain - Debuffs ALL base attributes

0 skill
Undeath - Health regen debuff
Cursed Bolt - Unholy bolt
Evil Eye - Spell negation debuff

25 skill
Unholy Caress - Instant ray, deals unholy damage to all targets within the ray's path
Infernal Shield - Unholy Resistance buff, self
Desecration - Unholy resistance debuff

50 skill
Slashing Weakness - Slash debuff
Piercing Weakness - Pierce debuff
Vampiric Touch - Instant ray, drains health and grants it to the caster

75 skill
Mental Weakness - Mental debuff
Infernal Ward - Unholy resistance buff, target
Death Fog - Instant ray, creates an Unholy storm

100 skill
Unholy Flames - Unholy bolt + AOE
Eye Rot - No Description

Spell Chanting
0 skill
Hymn of Swiftness - Instant ray - Quickness buff
Adept - Decreases the casters chance of spell failure

25 skill
Valour - Max Stamina Buff, self?
Hymn of Might - Instant ray - Strength buff
Blessing - Malediction Resistance buff, self

50 skill
Hymn of Vigor - Instant ray - Vitality buff
Sacrifice - Transfer health from the caster to the target
Bless Other - Malediction resistance buff, target

75 skill
Healing Chant - Persistant PBAOE healing chant ; movement cancels this effect
Hymn of Intellect - Instant ray - Intelligence Buff
Hymn of Skill - Instant ray - Dexterity buff
Will of the Warrior - Max mana buff, self?

100 skill
True Strike - Max health buff, self?
Mana Blast - Instant ray, Arcane damage + AOE

Arcane Magic
0 skill
Sacred Missile - Holy bolt
Mystic Shield - Mental resistance buff, self
Hasten Spells - Casting speed buff, self

25 skill
Mystic Ward - No description
Lend Mana - Transfer mana from the caster to the target
Holy Shield - Holy resistance buff, self

50 skill
Wall of Force - No description
Flames of Vengeance - Instant ray, "summons an inferno of holy flames"
Holy Weakness - Holy resistance debuff

75 skill
Spell Immunity - Spell Resistance buff
Holy Ward - Target holy resistance buff

100 skill
Virtuous Wrath - Holy bolt + AOE
Reflect Spell - Causes the next offensive spell to be reflected back to its source .


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vague betaleak!

This screen shot that is here has been confirmed fake by one of our leakers.

Email me at if you want to leak.

In related news darkfall posted this update

More from our leakers

"I have personally seen Mounts in action, Sieges etc are fully implemented but nobody in beta has anything siege worthy because we were just wiped, and no one has built a ship, but a dev logged on and spawned the materials to make one and had a player build one... so in theory, the act of making a Ship and using it works, but I cant speak on the actual process of getting all the materials together to do so since as I said, nobody has done that in beta."

If the leaker could provide me more info than that...that would be awesome.


Tassos's newest beta update!

I think when he was referring to leakers being caught im assuming he meant the ones who posted the sceenshots without covering the combat bit of the Ui...none of those have been in contact with me.

Update on January 11
This is our latest beta update:

We needed to collect more data from the current build before putting together the newest patches, so we let the latest stable build run until then.

We've been listening to your feedback closely since the beta started. Much of what you are reporting as far as bugs go are known issues through our internal testing process and have been scheduled to be updated, or have been updated already. If you don't see immediate fixes, it's because we need the extra error logs to be able to get to the root of each problem faster. Anything that you report which we weren't aware of we need time to reproduce it internally and still collect more data on it. Our communication is mostly one sided, from you to us, not just by necessity having limited manpower, but also by design. We need as much feedback as possible.

In the next couple of patches you should be able to observe our commitment though beta progress. Most fixes and updates will be present. Having said that, there's no such thing as a "magic patch". You should know however that the beta builds are much different that a release build. Beta builds are focused on testing needs rather than on the total player experience.

While the feedback we're getting has been overwhelmingly positive, the criticism has been very vocal. We've been paying close attention to everything you're reporting and we look over it dedicating our limited time to it. Most of you respect and make good use of this. This is where you have the opportunity to cooperate with the Darkfall developers. But Darkfall isn't for everyone, we understand that there will be people who won't enjoy the game. There is no point in keeping those in the beta who hinder cooperation by their conduct on the beta forums. We will ask you again to please provide on-point constructive criticism but to also definitely refrain from ranting and inflamatory posting.

For those of you who wish continue to provide us with valuable feedback through the next couple of patches, we'll provide you with detailed testing guidelines which we would appreciate help with.

press read more

Of course we know that we're behind schedule, mostly due to limited resources in running the testing, and having to also focus on peripheral issues like account management and billing systems etc. We don't intend to rush things more than they can be rushed. We haven't done this so far, and we're not about to start now. We'll ask you to trust us to always do what's best for the game. On the other hand we're very happy with the results of the testing so far. We're collecting a lot of valuable information and have made numerous improvements to the game.

The newest testers ready to be let in have been put on hold while we address as many issues as possible before the imminent patch. We have been working around the clock seven days a week and we're doing everything we can, so the quality of cooperation with you the testers is very important. We'll keep up our end to the best of our ability.

We have discovered a couple of people responsible for the latest leaks. Predictably they were people given the benefit of the doubt when let in, and vouched for by other people who we trust. We intend to enforce our NDA in these cases and protect our testing process. We must ask you again to respect it as well, as most of you have so far.

We'll try to keep you updated with any developments.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Darkfall starter guide!

EDIT: if you are a leaker and want to "leak" please contact me ( faithkiller) @

I hope you guys have enjoyed these leaks, and I hope to read more previews from other testers here over the next few days or weeks until Darkfall is released. I trust Faithkiller and I think you can as well. I would also like to say that if other testers did want to safely leak screenshots they could hit ALT-H to remove the entire interface and then take a photo of it with a digital camera. -leakreader2

Darkfall Tester Guide -
When you enter Darkfall for the first time, you will spawn in the starting village you selected in the character creator. All races have three starting villages each.

You spawn next to a guard tower, so you are reasonably safe here. The guard towers will fire at anyone entering its range with an evil or rogue alignment. Currently the damage of the guard towers are a little low, and it will be increased slightly over the next few weeks.

Just added a new hack that reduces the post length until you press the "read more" button.

The interface


The first thing you want to do is to arrange the interface to your liking, and maybe try out different video settings.

You bring up the GUI-mode by RIGHT-CLICKING your mouse. You close it again with another RIGHT-CLICK.

In your backpack you will have three different starting weapons – a club, a sword and an axe. You equip one of them by either double clicking it or dragging it to the weapon slot of your paperdoll. You will always respawn with these three weapons. They can not be sold, destroyed or lost.

Everything else on your character will be left on your grave when you die, and can be looted by anyone.

Always make sure to keep your bank vault well stocked with equipment or gold. You will never lose items in your bank vault.

To perform any attacks, you need to unsheathe your weapon. This is done by pressing R. Pressing R again will sheathe your weapon.

When your weapon is sheathed, you are in 1st person view. When your weapon is unsheathed (i.e. when you are in combat mode), your view changes to 3rd person view if you are holding a melee weapon, and stays in 1st person (but with hands and weapon visible) if you are using a ranged weapon, such as a bow or a magic staff to cast spells.

To cast a spell you need a staff. You can either find a staff on a monster, or buy it from an NPC vendor.

Most active skills in Darkfall follow the load and fire principle. You select the skill of spell you want to perform (drag the ones you use more often to the hotbar for convenience), then press the LEFT mouse-button to perform the action.

Getting quests


Next to the bindstone where you spawn for the first time, is an NPC Councelor.

You interact with all NPCs, bank vaults, mail boxes, gravestones, ships, mounts, cannons etc. by pressing the F (use) button.

Remember to sheathe your weapon (press R) before you interact.

When you talk to the Councelor, he will have tabs for buying, selling and quests. Pick the quest tab and accept all quests he is offering.

Once you have gotten the quest to kill goblins, an indicator on your minimap will show where some of the closest goblin camps are.



Monsters in Darkfall are tough. Try to fight one monster at a time if possible, and always watch your stamina and hitpoints. If you are in trouble, RUN.



You can run faster by pressing LEFT SHIFT to sprint. Sprinting will drain your stamina, so keep an eye on your stamina bar. Getting attacked by a monster or player with almost no stamina is not good.

Going Rogue


When you target/look at another player, if his name is in blue, he has a positive alignment to you. Attacking him will make you a Rogue. When you are in Rogue-mode, your name will appear in brown to other players, and they can kill you with no penalties. If you kill a blue player, your alignment will drop, and if it drops enough you will turn red to other players, and they will be rewarded with positive alignment for killing you.

Red players will be auto-attacked by guard towers.

Looting a grave


To loot a grave, sheathe your weapon (press R), target the grave and press use (F) to open it. Items can now be dragged from the grave to your backpack.



To rest, sheathe your weapon (press R), then use the Rest skill (which you can drag to the hotbar from the skills list). This does NOT make you rest yet, it simply loads the skill. Left click to start resting. A ‘zzz’ icon will appear at the top of the screen and you will see your character in 3rd person view, sitting down. You can mouselook and arrange your bags etc. without breaking out of rest.
To stop resting, use the Jump key (space by default).

If you have any food, eating before you rest will increase the recovery rate.



/say (default) - talk to people in your immediate vicinity
/say_global - talk to everyone on the server. This is a temporary chat command that will be removed before release
/msg firstname lastname - sends a private message to another player. The message will show up in its own tab, and by switching to this tab you open a private conversation with each other.

If you are a veteran gamer you should now be ready to start, otherwise keep reading!



Does it sound all a bit too much to learn? It’s actually quite easy once you get used to it. Let’s bring all this information together with a short walkthrough.

Step 1 – Initial preparations
You have just created your character, and have appeared just outside the gate of the village that you chose as starter location. You will see a clanstone (i.e. bindpoint) and the NPC that gives the starter quests.

Under the System messagebox there is a ‘Chat’ button. Click on it to open the public chat bar. If you want to type a message to all, type /say_global then your message. If you want to start a private conversation, type /msg then the player’s name and last name followed by your message

You don’t see your character yet (since you aren’t in combat mode). Right click. This brings up the utility windows, such as paperdoll, backpack, etc. A links menu on the top left allows you to access options, journal, minimap, etc. Click now on minimap to open it, if it’s not open already in the top right corner. Leave it there, it will be handy shortly to find where the monsters are.

Click on Skills, and under general skills find ‘Rest’. Drag it to the ‘0’ (zero) slot of the hotbar (you’ll see how to use it in a moment). Equip one of the 3 starter weapons by dragging it from the backpack to your paperdoll.

Right click again – the utility windows will disappear. Press R to unsheathe your weapon. Now you can see your character!

Step 2 – Moving around
Time to familiarise yourself with the basic movement keys:

W,S,A,D move you forward, back, left, right
Space – Jump
Left shift – Sprint (it consumes stamina but you run much faster)
C – crouch (npcs have more trouble spotting you)

Remember that you can remap these and all other keys in Options, which is an item of the menu that you can see when you right click.

Step 3 – Get the starter quests
Run up to the NPC. To interact with him, you must first sheathe your weapon, if you are in combat mode (press R to sheathe/unsheathe)..
Press F to interact with the guy. You will see a window where the last tab is Quests. Go to that tab and take the two quests available.
You will now see on the minimap (that you opened in step 1) the locations of the nearest goblins. Start running there.

Step 4 –Combat
Unsheathe your weapon (press R - you’ll now be in 3rd person view) and left click to hit your target. Note that you do NOT autotarget or lock target. You have to actually be facing towards your enemy and be aiming at it/her/him in order to hit. Keep an eye on your stamina bar so that you always have enough to sprint away if you are in too much trouble.

Step 5 – Loot
Let’s assume that you defeated your enemy. After a few moments, a tombstone will appear instead of its body. Sheathe your weapon (press R), then target the tombstone and press F to use it. Drag its contents to your backpack.

Step 6 – Rest
Walk out of the way of the spawn to avoid surprises, then sheathe your weapon if you were in combat mode (press R). Press 0 (we had dragged the Rest skill to this slot in step 1). Rest is now loaded, as you can see by the small campfire icon under the hotbar. To start resting, left click. You will see your character sitting down. When your life and stamina bars are full, press space to jump up.

Congratulations, you’ve learned the ropes of getting by in Darkfall, and are now ready to discover more by yourself, such as how to use magic, crafting, archery, and so on. If you are ever in doubt on how to do something, don’t forget to ask in general chat. People are happy to help and there’s usually a Dev at hand to answer most questions.

Darkfall Default Controls

Please note: all of these controls can be changed ingame

Right Mouse Bring up / Close the User Interface windows
W,A,S,D movement: forward, strafe left, backwards, strafe right
Mouse Turn,mouselook
F -Use/ action key (vendors, mounts, ships, guns, vehicles,looting)
R -Sheathe / Unsheathe (equipped weapon or staff)
C Crouch
Space Jump
Numlock Autorun
L Shift +W Sprint
Ctrl(+ W,A,S,D) Walk
0-9 Hotbar Slots skill/spell selection
Shift+0-9 Hotbar selection(For fast access to the hotbar use shift 0 -9)

First Person Mode Controls (Ranged, Spells)
Mouse left button Fire

Swimming Controls:
W,A,S,D Forward, left, backwards, right
C Dive
left shift and movement key crawl-stroke swimming (faster
Space Swim Upwards

Special Controls:
To revive the character needs to have its weapon sheathed.
Z Revive (LMB/Attack bind to use)
X Gank (Press LMB/Attack bind to use)
SPACE Release(die) when incapacitated before the timer runs out.

Mount Controls:
F to mount/dismount
R Sheathe/Unsheathe a weapon on mounts
W,A,S,D move forward, turn left, move backwards, turn right
Mouse Mouseloook
Q,E Lean left, right
Space Jump
Movement +Ctrl Mount walks
Numlock Autorun
Left Mouse when mount is standing still Mount attacks Forward
Left Mouse + S when mount is standing still Mount attacks Backwards
Left Mouse + S when mount is standing still Mount attacks Backwards
Left Mouse+ W,A,D Weapon attack when mount is in motion

Ship Controls:
WASD move forward, turn left, move backwards, turn right
Mouse Mouseloook
Numlock Autorun

Cannon controls:

Mouse aim
Left Mouse Fire cannon

Warhulk controls:
F12 Change Camera Mode
WASD move forward, turn left, move backwards, turn right
Left Mouse If warhulk has a cannon for the driver: Fire Cannon
Mouse Rotates camera in secondary camera mode. If driver has a cannon, it rotates the cannon. />



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