Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fire magic spell list + more!

Some starting stats for you.

Str 17/Vit 15/Dex 25/Quick 20/Int 20/Wis 20


Str 25/Vit 20/Dex 20/Quick 15/Int 15/Wis 15


Str 15.0/Vit 15.0/Dex 20.0/Quick 20.0/Int 25.0/Wisdom 20.0
Str 20/Vit 25/Dex 15/Quick 17/Int 15/Wisdom 25

Im also putting back the "theexplorers" leaked info aswell since Leakreader2 confirmed it.
That's after the Spell list!

Fire Magic
0 skill
Firebolt - Fire bolt + AOE
Smoke Signal - Instant ray, marks a target
Impetus - Quickness buff, self

25 skill
Fire Shield - Fire Resistance buff, self
Dragonbreath - No Description
Weakening Blaze - No description
Haste - melee speed buff, target

50 skill
Fireball - Fire Bolt + AOE
Fire Ward - Fire Resistance Buff, target
Explosion - Fire PBAOE, damages the caster

75 skill
Magma Storm - Fire Bolt + AOE. Bolt effected by gravity
Rapid Shot - Archery speed buff, self
Wall of Fire - Instant ray, creates a wall of fire

100 skill
Inferno - Fire Bolt + AOE
Volcano - Instant ray, creates a volcano

Mahirim Stats
Str 20
Vit 20
Dex 20
Quick 25
Int 20
Wis 15

Here is some information that might be new for those interested. The spells are subject to change and may have already changed. Obviously.

Those unconfirmed reports that were removed sounded true enough to me as well. I actually enjoyed reading them myself, as I am interested in what other testers think outside the cult of Darkfall. As that might indicate what chance the game has in the real world.

Here is also the "other" unconfirmed leak that is now confirmed back up!

Here is my leak:


First of all i realise this might not be new exiting information, but i would like to leak this anyway.
I have been in the beta a few days now, and i have had time to build up a impression of the game.

First of all the general gameplay and such is working pretty good. The basics of the game is ready for release in my opinion. The combat feels pretty good, and it absolutely something new. I feel that thenoobs preview comments regarding the pace and feeling if the combat system is pretty accurate. The skill systems seems to be working nicely aswell, but i have not tested it a lot since they have a lot of character wipes and i have spent my time doing other stuff. Again I think thenoob has covered this in a good way.

The world is huge and beautiful, and i in particular liked the Ork starting area. I have always been an explorer, i like to go around and climb mountains, cross huge plains, go into deep forests and such. Now this part of Darkfall fit me extremely good. I spent hours just running around exploring the world. The way the world is built is fantastic. The best part was when i suddenly bumped into a hidden cavern on a small island, it was incredibly well made and the visuals was stunning. It felt like a place where no man had been before. This is a feeling i have not had in any other MMO before (i guess the closest is AC, but darksfalls graphics makes much more special), and it feels awesome to finally feel this free and being able to explore a huge seamless world. Exlorers, you will love it!

Now there still is some bugs, but some are rather minor. What worries me the most is that many of the key features of the game is not turned on and has not ben tested. Sieges, Ships and such is probably some of the most important features in the game, but we have had no way to test it yet. This makes me wonder how ready the game really is, and I kinda wish they will push the game a bit more back for more testing with a larger number of testers. They might be holding this back because they know it is ready, but i doubt it. If this is not working, i kinda hope they will postphone the release a bit.

That is all i have for now. Hope it is somewhat informative.

Regard TheExplorer.


Anonymous said...

Exciting leak - Hopefully we'll see some more spell tree leaks. If all the trees have similar archery/melee buffs then I'd say it's definitely likely that everyone will be a weapon/magic hybrid.

Simon said...
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The Fuckin said...

Wow, I haven't seen this many leaks since my bout with gonneria! Serious shout out to faithkiller for giving us all these up to the minute updates (and of course the leakers too;) ). Holy shit, just opened a new window to look at the spells while I wrote this and there's another update!!!!

Sooo anyone else not really like the fact that spells are divided between buff self and buff other. Seems really annoying that I'd be able to buff some one elses' melee speed, but not my own, meanwhile I can buff my own archery speed. Kind of Pigeon holes fire mages to being archers if they wanna be hybrids.

Also, any one notice that the wolfmen kind of got the shaft with their stats? They're the same as the "base" human stats but lose out on 5 wis :(

Joakim said...

Good stuff.

Interesting that fire magic gives 2 self-buffs in relation to ranged weapons (bows..).

What are the typical duration of these buffs, minutes?

I reckon the spells are acquired at that skill, but does the effect scale with skill or stay static?

Joakim said...

The Fuckin: Notice that Mahirim got 5 more quickness with the drawback being 5 less wisdom.

Self buff and target buff are probably to create a sort of symbiosis among the different magic trees.

The Fuckin said...

ahh yeah, looked at their stats again you're right. I could see them mixing them up a bit like that, but why not just focus on something else in a different tree? Fire obviously = speed, Earth could = defence, etc. Just add a "cast on self" bind and you can eliminate all that nonsense

Antti said...

Thanks A LOT from the spell list. I've been very interested on what each spell school contains, and I didn't even expect to see a spell list, but just a basic info like "Fire is very heavy with direct damage bolts that cause aoe damage. There's also some haste buffs"

Probably, though, those are just the spells you can buy from a npc ;)

Simon said...

@The Fuckin
"Sooo anyone else not really like the fact that spells are divided between buff self and buff other."

I got the impression that "target" means you can buff others + yourself (since I guess you can target yourself?) and "self" means you can only do it to yourself, and not others.

Don't know if that's that's the case though. But it would make more sense to me personally.

Maybe we can get a clearer answer on this? :)

seridur said...

I'd like to see what those stats do. Mirdain sems quite week to me: loosing str (melee dmg?) and vit (hp?) and gaining dex- but what does dex actually do? usually it's hit chance and AC but in this game the hit is up to the player's skill.

Jorgen said...

How about making an IRC channel where we can discuss leaks? I'm sick of having it all hushed down. :P

Lycanthrope said...

Yeah, I agree about the buffs probably meaning buff others PLUS self. Thanks for the leaks again, this is helping us all get along until some real information comes out.

Maybe the Miridain are actually going to have the all fours travel mode, so they skimped on the stats to balance?

Bartlebe said...

Could we see more information about the racial stuff????

Where do people start off at? In a town???? Out in the woods??

Dennis said...

Bart, racial stuff is fairly common on the darkfall site. You pick a starting outlet around your races capital city.

I'd like to know more about the stats and what they mean. Whats the difference between Dex and Quickness and Int vs Wisdom.

How much do stats effect skills and damage?

Bartlebe said...


Ah ok. Thanks

I would also like to know about starting stats too. What exactly do, dex and quickness do.

I assume Intel is for magic, Wisdom is for healing, Vitality is HP, Str is for melee attack power but those other two are a mystery.

Probably something to do with dodging and walk/run speed.

James said...

@Jorgen #darkfall has much less moderation so you can discuss the leaks freely there. Also, there are usually 100+ users in the channel so it isn't a ghost town either.

Thanks for the leaks, Faith

Mikolaj said...

Dex - propably bow dmg + mabybe accuracy, Quick - speed movement

Wisdom - can stand for magic power, Int - max mana ammount mana + maybe regen, Vit - maxa hp + maybe regen,
Str - melee dmg + max capacity (?)

Also if u add all stats Mahirims and Humans got 120 points, Mirdains 117, Alfars 115, Orcs only 110.

LAWL said...

Wisdom : Healing ability
Intelligence: Offensive magic ability
Dexterity: Damage with a bow
Vitality: HP
Strength: Offensive melee ability
Quick: Movement speed

Dominic said...

Nice a skill list!
Post other magic lists if you could.

Yeah I would also like to know what the stats do. Seems like the Orks got the biggest shaft in stats.

The create a volcano spell seems epic. I guessing you haven't seen it in action yet.

Could you go into detail how heal spells work. Self heals and target heal. Is it all over time,AoE or big single heals? The target heals. Are they instant hit like laser, or are they a projectile that you must lead?

lucas said...

The reason orcs have less is prolly to balance their frenzy ability...or s/t that leaves them immediately over powered

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