Saturday, January 17, 2009

Darkfall has full Uncensored Nudity

No the title is fake....hahahahahahaOh and there is more leaks..below

"The squares are like that in reality and noticeable in the ingame map. Its obvious that they built the world in tiny maps and patched them together. The squares dont seem to line up with the server zones (you sometimes get a slight hiccup when crossing the 'seamless world') so I think they are just a byproduct of how they initially constructed the world.

When I first saw this high rez map a few weeks ago without playing the game I feared that it would be very noticable when you moved from square to square. However upon testing it, the world is so huge that it doesn't register that way at all unless you have the map open and know that you are crossing a boundary.

One thing I was struck by is that even though the graphics are not the best, is that there is a ton of cool stuff strew about the landscape and it never feels generic. Each ruin, abandoned village, outpost has the feel of alot of time and handcrafting put into it. The problem was that out of all these cool places, not many seem populated with critters or npcs."


Nicklas said...

Hopefully they implement more mobs before release.

Justin said...

PhailLeak is Phail

Carl said...

If they fail to add enough in-game life, that will really hurt the immersion.

But they should know that and will take care of it...

Dustin Ward said...

sorry to ask this every time, but can someone please post the read more section? thanks a ton, even though i'm noobish sometimes :)

Dominic said...

nothing else in the read more section dustin

The Fuckin said...

Here ya go Dustin.

This is actually the one just above it. The one with Piccard doing a face palm doesn't actually have a read more.

Tester responding to some DF trolls and haters (my hero)

"Ok, I'll bite since other people in this thread arent --

I have an ATI Radeon x850 and a pretty old motherboard/processor, and I can play the game in max detail just fine.

I dont want to individually address specific people in this thread, because a large number of you are mouth breathing fucktards who are being contrary just to be contrary. Fact is, the game got delayed because there are some COSMETIC issues with the UI/world. The core gameplay is 100% solid; the systems in the game that I have personally experienced are flawless, they are everything the game promised it would deliver. Gameplay is engaging, PVP is straight up the best thing since UO or Asheron's Call Darktide.

Frankly, I think some of you have such boring lives that you are shit talking this game just to make it sound like you have an informed opinion. The fact is, you don't. A large portion of you simply have no idea what you're talking about... I mean seriously, comparing DF to AOC? You are comparing a systems driven PVP mmo to a content driven instanced PVP game that was rushed out the door. I love the logic you toolbags profess; you would shit talk and whine that Aventurine fucked your mom and lit your christmas tree on fire if they released it unready for the public, and you are crying little internet nerd tears because theyr're taking their time to make the best product possible.

The game exists. People are playing it. It is a refreshing change of pace from the current generation of MMOs (which from the sounds of things, most of you would be better off in -- Im pretty sure at least 80% of you are not ready for a full-on PVP game that doesnt have mercy on shitty players or unsound tactical thought). Be glad that they delayed it. Be patient. Your wait will be paid in full when you finally play it.... I speak from experience."


another tester responding to his comments

"From the brief time that I got to play I would agree with his general feel for the game, just with alot less vitriol towards the doubters... they really cant be blamed based on Avents almost autistic disregard for PR. As for whether he'll be joining you guys, alot of the people in beta (and there wasn't alot as far as I could tell) are from established pvp guilds with notable histories. I got to play by visting a friend who is in one of these groups. When I checked the clan tab ingame I saw only like 8 clans and about half of them were groups I had heard of from AC/UO/SB, but its important to remember that founding a clan costs a significant amount of gold. With the frequent wipes its possible that there were more old school clans out there that just didnt bother to farm or spend the cash. My point is that I'd be willing to bet that anyone playing the game now regularly probably has strong ties to an existing guild."

Wykfo said...

I actually quite like this (few mobs). I don't want every single ruin, farmhouse etc in the world to have a bunch of mobs in it - at most, I'd want them to have a very weak mob with some story element behind it being there. If they can stick half a dozen skeleton warriors wandering around a mill with one mage, they can spend the extra few minutes sticking an old notebook inside with a couple of pages of diary notes on a (true) necromancer slowly going made and killing himself and becoming a skeletal mage. stuff like that.

Dennis said...


You should be able to to click the title of the post to read more, thats what I do.

Zerocyde said...

"One thing I was struck by is that even though the graphics are not the best, is that there is a ton of cool stuff strew about the landscape and it never feels generic. Each ruin, abandoned village, outpost has the feel of alot of time and handcrafting put into it."

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the result of forgoing super-duper high-end graphics. I've always said, when you say "fuck graphics" you get a much better game.


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