Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Still need more darkfall leaks! Alternative Blogsite

Firstly id like to make a shout out to all Darkfall beta participants to see if anyone would like to leak info for this blog. If you are interested please email me at darkfallheraldATgmailDOTcom.

5 good reasons for leaking:

  1. You stay completely anonymous
  2. From the poll statistics on the right of this page, all info so far hasn't negatively effected peoples love for the game.
  3. The 25000 people who view this blog a day will appreciate it alot and will sacrifice baby cows in your honor. (lie)
  4. I the author does not make money of any information leaked. (no advertising)
  5. I get off on watching my site counter all day....MAHhAHahaH THE PoWer!!?!
Also I will be starting another blog to replace this one when the Nda is lifted. The new Unfinished blog is called Darkfall Herald.


Anonymous said...

Cmon Leakers !

There is nothing to lose !

And all this silence from Aventurine 2 weeks before release is even worse !


There must be some kind of info in the beta forums my god !

Anonymous said...

thre is no good reason for leaking but whatever

Jonny said...

Well, they're reasons which could be used against reasons why _not_ to leak.

Matt said...

Even though I love all the info people leak, if I was in beta I wouldn't leak anything.

Skeptic said...

I am skeptical of the validity of the reports from "Leakreader2". In one of his leaks he lists the supposed crafting professions that will be included in release. The list however does not at all correlate with the few trade skills seen in this picture:

(specifically, Alchemy, Tailoring and Jewelsmithing)

There are three possibilities to consider:

A) Leakreader2 has not encountered the trade skills in the picture and thus his list is incomplete. There is no deception.

B) Leakreader2 is a fraud, and is not in Darkfall Beta.

C) The tradeskills were cut.

The superficial and common-knowledge nature of Leakereader2's reports have led me to subscribe to possibility B, unfortunately. Of course, you may make up your own minds!

Jonny said...

Or maybe the others were disable?

Either way, he has already been confirmed to be real at, so I don't think it's something to be worried about.

Matt said...

leakreader2 is authentic I don't think betaleaks would give him leaker status for no reason at all.

taku said...


the skills in screenshot seems to be the skills only that NPC offers, and not the whole thing.

taku said...

(note it saids Buy/Sell/Interaction on the tabs at top

taku said...

sorry for repeated post..

so it follows that leakreader2 has not mentioned or had no knowledge of these specific tradeskills at the least, therefore there may be many more tradeskills other than what was mentioned before.

The Fuckin said...

He may also have just been listing off a few. I don't think he said anywhere he intended it to be a complete list

Anonymous said...

Isn't this NPC selling services, not skills?


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