Saturday, January 10, 2009

Leaker makes wall of text!

only 100's of betatesters?...whoa..not cool!

Edit: This leaker is 100% REAL

"Since couple of years there were few things that I was wondering of about the game. Most of them have been answered, but there is still one left, which I think is very important for this game to be success in long time term.It is about resurrection system, running back to place where you died, so also bindstones placement. The question is how troublesome is dying, more specific continuing journey at moment you died. For example, you want to kill some monsters far away at enemy teritory. You go at their living area, engage the battle and lose to them. They drop some needed items and you want to try slaying them one more time. Are bindstones set on the map frequently enough for returning to place you died not to be boring and frustrating? Or returning back to friends, which you are playing with, after some pvp fight?"
Boring and frustrating is very subjective. So what I will tell you is just the facts regarding bindstones. Bindstones are extremely rare. Capital cities, a few Chaos stones hidden here and there that I am keeping the locations to myself, and then guild cities and hamlets once built. You cant just find one of these and bind at it when it is unclaimed either. The world is also very unknown, so mapping it out is something individuals or guilds will have to do initially.
I don't have a problem with it since it stops zerging, and zerging is a bigger problem. The world is also nice and it isn't as bad travelling through it.

"necromancy sounds kinda vanilla...oh well"
Magic in general is that way. Even though magic is vanilla on paper, it is, the differernce is the way the magic is done. When you are using a normal boring spell in regular game it is far less interesting than in darkfall. The spells for the most part are what you have seen before, they just require player skill and it feels very different to use them when you are aiming and leading targets.

"To what extent do you need to focus on one speciality (spell school, ranged, melee etc)? How much can you be the jack of all trades? I know you're meant to have a bit of a few things to stay versatile, but to what degree do you specialise, and how much does this affect your stats/hp/armour worn?"
Initially you can be a jack of all trades. Not sure how much it narrows down long term.

"Do you know whether poisons are in at the moment please? (Either craftable or bought from NPCs/looted)

And if so can they be applied to arrows or daggers only, or other weapons too?"
I do not know one way or the other.

"How about your pvp experiences? Tell us some stories on your ninja pk's."
It is exciting and the best way to get people is when they are fighting or afk, obviously. Resting, they usually see you and can try to run away. I don't want to get specific with exact experiences as there are only a few hundred testers. That is why I am only sharing personal experiences and being fairly general about them.

"How often do you run into people out in the world map, seeing as how big it is and there is only 2k(?) or so Beta players at the moment? What is the % rate of those you run into attempting to pk you/you pk them?"

If there are thousands of beta testers then they are still downloading the client or staying very quiet and hidden in the game. I do see people near captial cities now and then.
Very few try to pk me because I am very careful, and because of the low population. Sounds do carry for hundreds of yards as well, as reported, so you can hear people fighting way off in the distance and find them. I know the range of sounds and plan accordingly when hunting.


Anonymous said...

there is actully almost 2k testers
there might only be hundreds on at the same time

willy said...

only a nontester would make a claim of 2k testers..
rofl rofl rofl!
Get a clue.

Lycanthrope said...

Sorry, don't believe this one. Way too general, and nothing at all new.

The Fuckin said...

Its from leakreader, apparantly he's been confirmed. I think the fault lies with who ever is asking such redundant questions.

Anonymous said...

im not claiming my friend is in beta too...
but he goes by how many post get put into the beta forums.
he said its to hard to judge form in game

Lycanthrope said...

OK, did not do my homework on who it was, my bad, I concur it's legit. The info was just so boring and rehashed.

Vessol said...

My biggest question, simple to answer.

1. Are some buildings enterable?

2. Are they furnished?

3. Can you sit at a table/in a chair/at a bar?

FUckbUrry said...

Quit your fucking bitching you assholes. Realize that what you're getting is either a golden nugget or sugar cube.

If you got something new out of a post and feel it could be right, then, say thank you and fuck off.

If you think it might be false then just let it go. Who gives a fuck if it's a lie, you will relearn everything anyway once you enter the game. You whiny lil fuckin whores. Yay! :)


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