Monday, January 19, 2009


Im a dumbarse...i didnt realise that ogor (admin of betaleaks) wasnt ready for 1000's of registrations and has closed the site up to any new people for a while to fix bugs.

I will continue posting leaks until he is fully ready.
Leakers can still send me leaked info at

/flame my comments if you must /rolleyes


Ka-Wiz said...


the blog is better anyway.

The Fuckin said...

More organized to say the least. Any chance you can confirm/deny "Inquisitor"'s authenticity? Seems legit to me, but many have doubts

Ian said...


Seriously betaleaks has barely any content. The biggest thread re darkfall was the one Inquisited posted and the vast majority of the thread were posts made by rabid fanbois calling the info fake.

Although it did keep me entertained for a couple of hours.

zorm said...


also dont close this site. i like it more than beta this one is easyer to find things on

and betak is down lots (or is that just me?)

ka wiz is right this one is way better. a hole site for one game instead of a site for every beta is much more organized. plz dont close it. you have so many great leaks and 30k ppl love you for it

Carl said...

lol down already.

epic fail :D

zorm said...

nvm you have way more than 30 looking at this site. your a fucking hero to us with out beta cake

j said...

Inquisitor was most likely real.

I can confirm the authenticity of the screenshot he posted.

Jason said...

The new sucks anyway. It was fine before, and it wasn't worth closing down the posting and leaking just for a new website.

I come here now instead, keep this up. Good job.

Ian said...

He was real. he posted 3 different screen shots and the info he gave was plausible.

It was only the fanbois that didn't want to believe because the leak destroy the halo they had put around darkfall.

Anonymous said...

What was the leak? I missed it, i was out at the bar this evening

Grisu said...

i still love u faith.

skatenike said...

@ boomer

basically a guy who came on and gave a very negative opinion on dfo

go alot of skepticism because it was like completely opposite of what other leakers have stated...ex. most leakers say that the game is really solid but lacking a few features, but this guy was sayin that the game was really glitchy and basic

@ faithkiller can you give us an update on why you no longer plan on playing DFO? is it something you heard? please inform us

Bob said...

If Inquisitor didnt say he was currently power grinding a toon in Tabula Rasa, and enjoying it, I might take his opinion on DF beta a little more seriously.

Joseph said...

yeah the blog is good!

glad its staying

Niccoli said...

Yeah, I prefer the blog. Not sure I like the direction is taking. Right now it's pure suckage.

Gyshall said...

I really dig this blog, dude. I hope you reconsider your choice of shutting it down. Betaleaks doesn't have RSS (I don't think), which I prefer over logging into this forum.

Throw up some Paypal donate buttons, maybe some adsense keywords and whatnot, or take on a second or third admin to help with the load. I'll be bummed if it goes offline :(


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