Saturday, January 17, 2009

Juicy leaks!

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A tester talking about archery
"Archery works as such. When you equip any weapon a tiny crosshair appears on your screen and in the case of a bow, your hands with the bow come up as well just like they would in most FPS games. To fire you hold down the left mouse and you will see yourself nock an arrow and pull back the string. You can release before the bow is completely drawn but I didn't test whether that had any effect on the strength of the shot. Once drawn, you need to adjust your shot for distance and any movement of the target. If the target is 10-20 yards from you and standing still/running at you, you can pretty much just put the crosshair on it and fire away. If the target is 100-200 yards away you need to aim drasticly higher to account for the arc of the arrow. While it will probably get easier with practice, it takes skill to hit a moving target at range.

I didnt see any little circles around the crosshair, maybe your source is thinking of mount and blade where you have to wait for the circle to achieve maximum accuracy."


Tester responding to some DF trolls and haters (my hero)

"Ok, I'll bite since other people in this thread arent --

I have an *** ***** **** and a pretty old motherboard/processor, and I can play the game in max detail just fine.

I dont want to individually address specific people in this thread, because a large number of you are mouth breathing fucktards who are being contrary just to be contrary. Fact is, the game got delayed because there are some COSMETIC issues with the UI/world. The core gameplay is 100% solid; the systems in the game that I have personally experienced are flawless, they are everything the game promised it would deliver. Gameplay is engaging, PVP is straight up the best thing since UO or Asheron's Call Darktide.

Frankly, I think some of you have such boring lives that you are shit talking this game just to make it sound like you have an informed opinion. The fact is, you don't. A large portion of you simply have no idea what you're talking about... I mean seriously, comparing DF to AOC? You are comparing a systems driven PVP mmo to a content driven instanced PVP game that was rushed out the door. I love the logic you toolbags profess; you would shit talk and whine that Aventurine fucked your mom and lit your christmas tree on fire if they released it unready for the public, and you are crying little internet nerd tears because theyr're taking their time to make the best product possible.

The game exists. People are playing it. It is a refreshing change of pace from the current generation of MMOs (which from the sounds of things, most of you would be better off in -- Im pretty sure at least 80% of you are not ready for a full-on PVP game that doesnt have mercy on shitty players or unsound tactical thought). Be glad that they delayed it. Be patient. Your wait will be paid in full when you finally play it.... I speak from experience."


another tester responding to his comments

"From the brief time that I got to play I would agree with his general feel for the game, just with alot less vitriol towards the doubters... they really cant be blamed based on Avents almost autistic disregard for PR. As for whether he'll be joining you guys, alot of the people in beta (and there wasn't alot as far as I could tell) are from established pvp guilds with notable histories. I got to play by visting a friend who is in one of these groups. When I checked the clan tab ingame I saw only like 8 clans and about half of them were groups I had heard of from AC/UO/SB, but its important to remember that founding a clan costs a significant amount of gold. With the frequent wipes its possible that there were more old school clans out there that just didnt bother to farm or spend the cash. My point is that I'd be willing to bet that anyone playing the game now regularly probably has strong ties to an existing guild."



Cthulhu said...

Looks to be getting better and better. Many thanks to those leakers that bring the refreshment of actual info to us parched masses.

If leakers are reading and feeling generous, I've been wondering about the crafting system. If anyone has more detail about the crafting system in general, I'd love to hear it. Nothing specific, just more info than has already been leaked.

katarac said...

Were these testers commenting here verified in some way? Just curious.

Thanks for the info either way.

OrganisedConfusion said...

Could you ask them what type of damage the arrows are doing and how they compare to magic and melee?
Other thing is how big is the world across?
Maybe we should have a question submit and pick like the top 3 questions to ask a beta tester...

Mikolaj said...

"I have an ATI Radeon x850 and a pretty old motherboard/processor, and I can play the game in max detail just fine."

is this confirmed leak?

Faithkiller said...


Radeth said...

Isn't his hardware description some kind of aid to Avent guys to realize who he is?

Anonymous said...

Was wondering if melee combat has gotten juiced up since launch. I know in an interviewed they mentioned an overhead swing, and also the noob comics Push Back. I am wondering how those interact with the current melee. Do you load them and then next time the person is hit they launch?

Also wondering about city building. How are the options and how does it look. Know a few people have mentioned it was in the game.

Wykfo said...

Thirding a request for info on crafting/building

Some people I know are considering it, but it's nice to know a bit more about it since we know nothing compared to knowing a ton of spells for magic

Volren said...

man, if these leeks keep coming so frequently this month will go fast.

Thanks guys. Also, a question.

Are the spell lists you gave us just spells that players have discovered or is it the entire spell list? I would appreciate it if you asked them this.

Bartlebe said...

Hey guys!

Firstly, thank you very, very much for taking the time to post these leaks and to answer us! We're all very grateful to you for doing this.

Secondly, could you post a list of some of the skills from the game??

Thank you in advance. Keep up the leaks!

francesco said...

could we know the exact system configuration of the leakers? plz

Jonny said...

I cannot fully express how happy this makes me.

bo said...

" Radeth said...

Isn't his hardware description some kind of aid to Avent guys to realize who he is?"


This guy has it right, I'm sure they know the specs of all their testers if he tells his full system specs he could get caught for leaking, which he could be sued over so its not a trivial thing.

Dough said...

The Darkfall servers have been down for a few days now and won't be back up until tomorrow. They're probably getting ready for Thursday's trial.

j said...

the beta servers are coming up tomorrow? anyone know what time?

Ka-Wiz said...

my little bit of research. can a tester confirm or deny this please?

willy said...

That conclusion is false.

It takes a lot longer coast to coast on foot then 1-1.5hrs.

It is closer to 6hours.

Ka-Wiz said...


are you a tester?

willy said...

no comment.

Dominic said...

lol @ willy..come off it

Ka-wiz I did a similar test and got the same number...I also tested walking speed and mount speed does seem to be only twice as fast.

Anonymous said...

I guess we'll have to wait and see. There must be some truth to Aventurine's statement about the worlds size.

Vehementi said...

LOL @ every thread being spammed by these stupid fags trying to figure out the land size

Dominic said...

stfu shithead
map math crafting is serious business

Sorano said...

tards, stop speculating and just wait until the 22nd and lets hope we beta beta by then.


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