Friday, January 2, 2009

Leaked beta update

Got sent this Pm. Waiting on conformation to see if its real or might not be, but i personally think it is.

Default Beta Update and server downtime.
First of all I'd like to apologize on behalf of the team for the Christmas server down-time. It was caused by a combination of technical problems having to do with our full server deployment, technical issues at the office with our communication with the servers, and key personnel being in transit over the holiday.

Again we have to bring the servers down to address several issues, to catch up, and to get out the new patch. Servers will be back up on Friday January 2nd in the evening (Europe). When they come back we expect more monsters and the dungeons to be in. We'll also have playtesting guidelines for you having to do with skill and spell balance and pvp. To facilitate PvP and advanced testing, we'll start letting in more testers, around 1000 next week and more the week after that.

We're going through your feedback and taking it very seriously. In order for us to be able to use your feedback it has to be as clear as possible. Long drawn-out posts just make it more difficult for us. Bitching is very counter-productive. You won't get an emotional response from us, all we want is to find out what kind of problem you're having, what you're basing it on, why you're having it, what percentage of players are likely to feel the same way - so that we can decide if this is something we need to address and when. On Friday we should also come back to you with guidelines for feedback as we enter the next phase in testing. We're spread very thin, so efficiency is paramount.

Most of you are doing a great job, we've been trying to keep up and we'll be doing a better job working with you. On behalf of the Darkfall team, I'd like to thank you again and wish you a Happy New Year.


Jonny said...

Looks real to me. 1000 more testers? Hmm... maybe now I'll have a .01% chance of getting in!

Lee said...

The "bitching" part makes me feel its fake.

Jonny said...

Yeah... I thought about that. Doesn't seem very professional. I guess we just have to wait for a confirmation.

Anonymous said...

yes its 100% real

Matt said...

It's real, that is just how the team speaks... they're gamers like us so if they cuss don't be surprised. It's a valid point, bitching is not constructive feedback.

Matt said...

Also is betaleaks down because they're doing the site upgrade or is there something else going on?


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