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The Darkfall starter guide!

EDIT: if you are a leaker and want to "leak" please contact me ( faithkiller) @ Darkfallherald@gmail.com

I hope you guys have enjoyed these leaks, and I hope to read more previews from other testers here over the next few days or weeks until Darkfall is released. I trust Faithkiller and I think you can as well. I would also like to say that if other testers did want to safely leak screenshots they could hit ALT-H to remove the entire interface and then take a photo of it with a digital camera. -leakreader2

Darkfall Tester Guide -
When you enter Darkfall for the first time, you will spawn in the starting village you selected in the character creator. All races have three starting villages each.

You spawn next to a guard tower, so you are reasonably safe here. The guard towers will fire at anyone entering its range with an evil or rogue alignment. Currently the damage of the guard towers are a little low, and it will be increased slightly over the next few weeks.

Just added a new hack that reduces the post length until you press the "read more" button.

The interface


The first thing you want to do is to arrange the interface to your liking, and maybe try out different video settings.

You bring up the GUI-mode by RIGHT-CLICKING your mouse. You close it again with another RIGHT-CLICK.

In your backpack you will have three different starting weapons – a club, a sword and an axe. You equip one of them by either double clicking it or dragging it to the weapon slot of your paperdoll. You will always respawn with these three weapons. They can not be sold, destroyed or lost.

Everything else on your character will be left on your grave when you die, and can be looted by anyone.

Always make sure to keep your bank vault well stocked with equipment or gold. You will never lose items in your bank vault.

To perform any attacks, you need to unsheathe your weapon. This is done by pressing R. Pressing R again will sheathe your weapon.

When your weapon is sheathed, you are in 1st person view. When your weapon is unsheathed (i.e. when you are in combat mode), your view changes to 3rd person view if you are holding a melee weapon, and stays in 1st person (but with hands and weapon visible) if you are using a ranged weapon, such as a bow or a magic staff to cast spells.

To cast a spell you need a staff. You can either find a staff on a monster, or buy it from an NPC vendor.

Most active skills in Darkfall follow the load and fire principle. You select the skill of spell you want to perform (drag the ones you use more often to the hotbar for convenience), then press the LEFT mouse-button to perform the action.

Getting quests


Next to the bindstone where you spawn for the first time, is an NPC Councelor.

You interact with all NPCs, bank vaults, mail boxes, gravestones, ships, mounts, cannons etc. by pressing the F (use) button.

Remember to sheathe your weapon (press R) before you interact.

When you talk to the Councelor, he will have tabs for buying, selling and quests. Pick the quest tab and accept all quests he is offering.

Once you have gotten the quest to kill goblins, an indicator on your minimap will show where some of the closest goblin camps are.



Monsters in Darkfall are tough. Try to fight one monster at a time if possible, and always watch your stamina and hitpoints. If you are in trouble, RUN.



You can run faster by pressing LEFT SHIFT to sprint. Sprinting will drain your stamina, so keep an eye on your stamina bar. Getting attacked by a monster or player with almost no stamina is not good.

Going Rogue


When you target/look at another player, if his name is in blue, he has a positive alignment to you. Attacking him will make you a Rogue. When you are in Rogue-mode, your name will appear in brown to other players, and they can kill you with no penalties. If you kill a blue player, your alignment will drop, and if it drops enough you will turn red to other players, and they will be rewarded with positive alignment for killing you.

Red players will be auto-attacked by guard towers.

Looting a grave


To loot a grave, sheathe your weapon (press R), target the grave and press use (F) to open it. Items can now be dragged from the grave to your backpack.



To rest, sheathe your weapon (press R), then use the Rest skill (which you can drag to the hotbar from the skills list). This does NOT make you rest yet, it simply loads the skill. Left click to start resting. A ‘zzz’ icon will appear at the top of the screen and you will see your character in 3rd person view, sitting down. You can mouselook and arrange your bags etc. without breaking out of rest.
To stop resting, use the Jump key (space by default).

If you have any food, eating before you rest will increase the recovery rate.



/say (default) - talk to people in your immediate vicinity
/say_global - talk to everyone on the server. This is a temporary chat command that will be removed before release
/msg firstname lastname - sends a private message to another player. The message will show up in its own tab, and by switching to this tab you open a private conversation with each other.

If you are a veteran gamer you should now be ready to start, otherwise keep reading!



Does it sound all a bit too much to learn? It’s actually quite easy once you get used to it. Let’s bring all this information together with a short walkthrough.

Step 1 – Initial preparations
You have just created your character, and have appeared just outside the gate of the village that you chose as starter location. You will see a clanstone (i.e. bindpoint) and the NPC that gives the starter quests.

Under the System messagebox there is a ‘Chat’ button. Click on it to open the public chat bar. If you want to type a message to all, type /say_global then your message. If you want to start a private conversation, type /msg then the player’s name and last name followed by your message

You don’t see your character yet (since you aren’t in combat mode). Right click. This brings up the utility windows, such as paperdoll, backpack, etc. A links menu on the top left allows you to access options, journal, minimap, etc. Click now on minimap to open it, if it’s not open already in the top right corner. Leave it there, it will be handy shortly to find where the monsters are.

Click on Skills, and under general skills find ‘Rest’. Drag it to the ‘0’ (zero) slot of the hotbar (you’ll see how to use it in a moment). Equip one of the 3 starter weapons by dragging it from the backpack to your paperdoll.

Right click again – the utility windows will disappear. Press R to unsheathe your weapon. Now you can see your character!

Step 2 – Moving around
Time to familiarise yourself with the basic movement keys:

W,S,A,D move you forward, back, left, right
Space – Jump
Left shift – Sprint (it consumes stamina but you run much faster)
C – crouch (npcs have more trouble spotting you)

Remember that you can remap these and all other keys in Options, which is an item of the menu that you can see when you right click.

Step 3 – Get the starter quests
Run up to the NPC. To interact with him, you must first sheathe your weapon, if you are in combat mode (press R to sheathe/unsheathe)..
Press F to interact with the guy. You will see a window where the last tab is Quests. Go to that tab and take the two quests available.
You will now see on the minimap (that you opened in step 1) the locations of the nearest goblins. Start running there.

Step 4 –Combat
Unsheathe your weapon (press R - you’ll now be in 3rd person view) and left click to hit your target. Note that you do NOT autotarget or lock target. You have to actually be facing towards your enemy and be aiming at it/her/him in order to hit. Keep an eye on your stamina bar so that you always have enough to sprint away if you are in too much trouble.

Step 5 – Loot
Let’s assume that you defeated your enemy. After a few moments, a tombstone will appear instead of its body. Sheathe your weapon (press R), then target the tombstone and press F to use it. Drag its contents to your backpack.

Step 6 – Rest
Walk out of the way of the spawn to avoid surprises, then sheathe your weapon if you were in combat mode (press R). Press 0 (we had dragged the Rest skill to this slot in step 1). Rest is now loaded, as you can see by the small campfire icon under the hotbar. To start resting, left click. You will see your character sitting down. When your life and stamina bars are full, press space to jump up.

Congratulations, you’ve learned the ropes of getting by in Darkfall, and are now ready to discover more by yourself, such as how to use magic, crafting, archery, and so on. If you are ever in doubt on how to do something, don’t forget to ask in general chat. People are happy to help and there’s usually a Dev at hand to answer most questions.

Darkfall Default Controls

Please note: all of these controls can be changed ingame

Right Mouse Bring up / Close the User Interface windows
W,A,S,D movement: forward, strafe left, backwards, strafe right
Mouse Turn,mouselook
F -Use/ action key (vendors, mounts, ships, guns, vehicles,looting)
R -Sheathe / Unsheathe (equipped weapon or staff)
C Crouch
Space Jump
Numlock Autorun
L Shift +W Sprint
Ctrl(+ W,A,S,D) Walk
0-9 Hotbar Slots skill/spell selection
Shift+0-9 Hotbar selection(For fast access to the hotbar use shift 0 -9)

First Person Mode Controls (Ranged, Spells)
Mouse left button Fire

Swimming Controls:
W,A,S,D Forward, left, backwards, right
C Dive
left shift and movement key crawl-stroke swimming (faster
Space Swim Upwards

Special Controls:
To revive the character needs to have its weapon sheathed.
Z Revive (LMB/Attack bind to use)
X Gank (Press LMB/Attack bind to use)
SPACE Release(die) when incapacitated before the timer runs out.

Mount Controls:
F to mount/dismount
R Sheathe/Unsheathe a weapon on mounts
W,A,S,D move forward, turn left, move backwards, turn right
Mouse Mouseloook
Q,E Lean left, right
Space Jump
Movement +Ctrl Mount walks
Numlock Autorun
Left Mouse when mount is standing still Mount attacks Forward
Left Mouse + S when mount is standing still Mount attacks Backwards
Left Mouse + S when mount is standing still Mount attacks Backwards
Left Mouse+ W,A,D Weapon attack when mount is in motion

Ship Controls:
WASD move forward, turn left, move backwards, turn right
Mouse Mouseloook
Numlock Autorun

Cannon controls:

Mouse aim
Left Mouse Fire cannon

Warhulk controls:
F12 Change Camera Mode
WASD move forward, turn left, move backwards, turn right
Left Mouse If warhulk has a cannon for the driver: Fire Cannon
Mouse Rotates camera in secondary camera mode. If driver has a cannon, it rotates the cannon. />


Jorgen said...

Mygod! Such a tease.

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Thanks for the blog though, lots of good info.

I'd help if I was in T_T

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Where are the screenshots ?!?!?!

Matt said...

Wish we'd get more spells leaked :(

Antti said...

So, while the spell lists and screenshots are pretty awesome, what I'd really like to know is if the beta forums have any signs of the game actually coming out in time?

Oh well, thanks for all the updates anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, good question indeed !!!

Please Leakers. Get us some info out of the beta forum . . .

The last word heard from devs was on 24th DECEMBER !!!!!

Dough said...

The closed beta testers don't know more than us when it comes to a release date of Jan 22.

What they do know is that launching it in the state it is in, in the beta right now, would be disastrous. But, people are always looking for that miracle patch. Who knows if they'll pull it off.

Anonymous said...

dough that is not the case and you know it

the game works its stable and is in better shape then current mmo releases like they said there just doing a q/a process it could launch today and probly be fine

Zappy said...

As long as the key feature - the combat - is in good shape, I dont care if other content come later.

Ryun said...

bad news is the servers are down for a undetermined time atm, and rumor is there will be a soon to be announced delay.

Nezabyte said...

if that's the case, there's going to be quite an uprising with more calls of vaporware. in any case, that would be very, very sucky news.

Lycanthrope said...

Do you think the announcement is a delay to release and beta, or announcing the start of beta soon?

Dough said...

Ryun's statement is categorically false.

Anonymous said...

yea ryons statemeant is false

Dennis said...

If any leakers are reading these comments can we get an idea of what the beta forums are looking like? Does it look like they'll still release on the 22nd?

Joseph said...

can somebody link the last info from aventurine given out in beta forums or in game.

we've heard nothing from then in a month. people wanna know wtf is going down.

Dominic said...
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Dominic said...

We were getting lots of leaks every day..but now its really slow...something happen to leakreader2?


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