Thursday, January 1, 2009

Client size 18.4 gig and other stuff


This guy is a real beta-leaker

"1. Anything that's being discussed about an Open Beta."

I think it is supposed to happen. Not sure when.

"2. Are big guilds just going to zerg anyone? Or numbers don't really matter?"

I would guess yes. Alliances and politics should matter much like they did in Shadowbane.

"3. Would you pay to play the game as it is on release? I mean there's not much stuff 30 devs can do in 3 weeks."

I would. It is my type of game and my type of world though.

"4. How big is the DF client?"

18.4 GB

"5. Is ping a big factor in winning a PvP? Or even PvE for that matter?"

Ping is not an issue at all. I know players on the opposite side of the world from the server and they do fine.

"6. Maximum range of a bow & mage shots? I mean you cant shoot an arrow and expect it to hit someone on the other side of a mountain."

Not sure max range on bows. Magic missile I think could hit about as far as you could see. They would see this glowing bit of magic coming at them however and could just move a bit.

"7. Any details about crafting. Like how important do you think it will really be? Seeing as you can easily zerg a dozen of humanoid mobs and get a few sets for your group.
What exactly are the benefits of a player crafted item? Things like that."

I have not crafted anything. I heard it is critical. Pretty much like UO I hear.


Jonny said...

Hmm... cool! Though it's a shame he/she only answered a few questions...

Matt said...

If you register on the betaleak's forums the thread made by this guy has a ton of Q&A in it, he answers some stuff about resource gathering, combat, and a few other things. It's a good read if you're bored.


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