Friday, January 23, 2009

78 patch notes + Client Torrent!

Darkfall Torrent Link removed
(fucking upload the 8 gigs so it doesn't slow everyone with invites, not just the PATCHIER)

New Patch or here for link


We have fixed most of the problems people had with the patching
process. You should all get decent patching speeds now.

A new patch has been released.
We've reset the patch system and done some optimization on the dataset.
The complete dataset has been reduced to around 8 GB in this patch
instead of 20 GB as it was before.

We've gone up several build numbers since the last patch, and the
characters have been wiped.

Fixes and Upgrades in this patch includes

[*] A new lobby has been activated
[*] GUI has been reworked and completely reskinned
[*] Sprint hack from earlier builds have been fixed
[*] Vendors always place a marker on the minimap now
[*] Invisible items on hotbar has been fixed
[*] Camera modes have been updated. You can use the mouse wheel to
zoom in and out
[*] City building mode camera has been fixed, so it never gets stuck
[*] Warhulk movement have been enhanced (You can use F12 to toggle
camera modes when driving a warhulk)
[*] Mount controls has been tweaked.
[*] Mount movement bug where you, in some cases, would get stuck close
to other players or NPCs have been fixed
[*] Rivers have been updated. If you go swim in a river, it will now
carry you downstream.
[*] Swimming has been tweaked
[*] All attributes has been enabled
[*] Base attributes increasing will now display a signal to you
[*] Resource nodes have been tweaked
[*] Resource nodes that are empty will now display a proper message
[*] Clan Window and Journal window has been fixed. If a bug is
encountered there it will not freeze the game
[*] If you get damaged just before you teleport, the damage effect
will no longer say on your camera
[*] Progress bars will not potentially be hidden behind other windows anymore
[*] Extremely rare player trading problem have been fixed
[*] NPC animations have been updated
[*] Many, many more chests have been added. These need specific keys
to access them. You can usually find this on monsters nearby.
[*] Many toolboxes, weapon racks etc. have been enabled for you to
loot around the world.
[*] Crafting window improvements
[*] Rune stones(Recall stones) have been enabled. Anyone can use a
rune stone, but to bind a location into it, you need to be trained in
that skill.
[*] A bug where you could not buy greater magic have been fixed
[*] You can now configure if you want hit sounds or not (A hit sound
is a sound that is played when you do damage to something). It's
option can be found in audio options
[*] You now start with one starter (conscript) weapon and you can
change this, for a price, at a vendor
[*] You can now buy more slots for starter weapons at a vendor. (Maximum is 3)
[*] Directional attacks for all melee weapons have been added. You can
slice vertically or horizontally. The default key for toggling this is
[*] Animations for seize and knock back skills for melee weapons have
been fixed
[*] Some problematic gank animations for Mirdain have been fixed
[*] Update and new features for the Clan Window
[*] Update and new features for the Player Journal
[*] Update to the high score lists.
[*] Many more quests added
[*] High score quests have been enabled
[*] Time limit highscore quests have been enabled
[*] Massive AI update: Many more monsters have been added
[*] AI behaviour has been severely improved
[*] More wildlife monsters (tigers, bears, lions etc) have been enabled
[*] Underwater monsters have been enabled
[*] Dungeon monsters have been enabled
[*] Monsters will now visibly taunt you (if you deserve it)
[*] Some monsters packs will be roaming: If you meet some monsters at
a specific location, that doesn't mean that they will be there the
next time you pass.
[*] Monsters will now sometimes send personal taunts to you
[*] Environment system have been fully enabled: Ambience and weather
will now change in both time and as you move around areas. One
Darkfall Day is now approx 5 human hours
[*] In game help has been enabled. Press the help button on the main
menu to get to the help pages.
[*] Rest skill will now raise with use and as you get better you will
regenerate faster
[*] Bindstone recall spawn timer has been fixed and you can now also
cancel the skill by moving
[*] Updates to armor graphics
[*] Environment in Character Creator has been fixed
[*] Default binding of 'i' to invert mouse has been fixed
[*] More player skills have been added.
[*] Clan cities belonging to you own clan will now display on your
world- and minimap.
[*] You can choose what markers to display on your world and minimap
by going to Options->GUI Options
[*] Initiating a clan conquest against a city will now display
countdown timers on all the participants.
[*] Initiating a clan conquest will now display the challenged city
and the challengers cities on the world- and minimap.
[*] Stats from all conquest will now be properly saved
[*] The city building process now displays the cost (in building
modules) of creating a city building.
[*] A challenged city that has been taken over will now properly kick
the people who are bound there
[*] City local bonuses will now properly be removed when the building
is disabled, and re enabled when the building is enabled again.
[*] City local and global bonuses (get these by building a unique
wonder) will now be enabled correctly again after a server restart
[*] Built Clan city cannons are now usable after a server restart
[*] Dwarven and Mirdain Clan Cannons now functional in all cities
[*] You now have to have the building modules in your back pack when
building a city. You can no longer have them in the Clan Vault (so
people can kill you and steal it when you are building a city)
[*] Entire world has been fixed to remove gaps in the world
[*] Updates to the world


"General question to any leaker.
Question, are stats(dex,vit,str...) Fixed or do they improve when you use skills?

This and if stats improve how fast do they improve, and to what extent(like from 25 to 100)."

Stats go up as you use things related to the stats, as far as I can tell. They go up at a reasonable pace and they increase fractionally.

"I dont see why people in a pvp game would really give a shit how long it takes to cross the game world. WHO GIVES A SHIT!If anything make the world smaller for more pvp action. This isnt a RP game."

I hear that it takes 2.5 hours to walk across the game world. The only thing I know for sure is that it takes 30-40 minutes to sprint between capital cities, as I have tested that personally. The world is more than big enough to get off the grid.

"QUESTION: What about the forest? How does it look like? Is it dense? With bushes, small, large trees? Or just one tree here, one tree there...
Noone said a thing about forest... :("

The pine forests look like real pine forests. There are all kinds of different landscapes. Swamps, Blasted lands, Desert, Frozen, Broadleaf and Pine Forests. Most of which have some fantasy or alien like plants or rocks as well.

"With clans/clanadministration, ships, sieging enabled how can testers have the feeling not much is turned on ?"

As I said before, I could only answer what I had experienced first hand, otherwise I said that I did not see it yet. There have been plenty of wipes and there was a small population before. So while perhaps some others have seen this stuff and don't talk about it, I still have not. The things I said were off, were off. That was the population of dungeons and some outdoor spawn areas. Maybe that will be on as well with this new build. Very possible.

The devs and some other beta testers do not appreciate any leaks at all. With all due repect, I do not feel bad leaking some positive and counter information to the negative leaks that were already out. They certainly were not going to say anything about it, and I do not know if they realized how many people didn't even believe their game existed before these leaks started. Even now some people still think this is like Dark and Light or Dawn. Which it is not. This is a very good and solid game.

As for the current status, we are still waiting for the game servers to come up and most people I imagine are still patching. The patching started very slow but seems to be speeding up now. The new patch screen and icon looks very polished and is what you would expect from a professional company. Unlike their earlier temporary login screen.

Additionally, many new testers have been let in, and it sounds like they are going to keep letting in more and more people as they are able to. Hopefully the game servers will be up very soon. -leakreader2


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j said...


sankle said...

this isnt the client torrent, it's the patcher, does us no good

Anonymous said...

Damn, this is some nice fixes and improvements.

Directional swings are also in now :o

blue said...

looks like everything is well

directional swings makes me happy

AI improvements and travelling makes me happy

underwater monsters + bears lions etc make me happy

looking good for february

Nezabyte said...

Question for leakreader2: Do you think they are restricting invites to EU players? Someone said they were so they could prosecute leakers.

Ka-Wiz said...


Anonymous said...

Everything made me happy except for 1 little thing...
"[*] You now start with one starter (conscript) weapon and you can
change this, for a price, at a vendor"
So basically, if I get some really rare sword and have some gold I can just go to the NPC and never lose that sword?

Noldar said...

People in the US were invited.

j said...

@ Jo

No, you may switch between a starter staff, bow, axe, sword, etc.

Tekamo said...

Can anyone tell if Housing is like AoC with defined spots for each Building? While reading the Stuff about Guildcities it sound a lot like AoC to me, and that System sucked big time... the question is, can Houses be placed anywhere, or just on predefined spots for each type of house/Building ?

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that there are US testers also.

blue said...


Housing and player cities are on predefined spots, and there were only about 97-100 locations last we heard.

1. guilds will fight over those locations

2. The gameworld wont be filled up stupidly with houses built in crazy locations, and since there are no instances that is the right way to do it. Aoc had instances, and I'm guessing the cities were placed in those instances...not in DF.

j said...

my god...these download speeds are atrocious...150kb/s for 8gb is killer

sankle said...

that the speed you are getting from the official download j?

lololhehe said...

Thanks alot man, I cant wait for this game to be released. Hopefully I will get a beta key also :P!

Q: I saw in some screenshot that there were many skill categories such as arcane skills, melee skills etc. I read one named "Stealth skills". What does that contain? like sneeking and such? Maybe the screenshot was outdated?


j said...

yea thats the speed im getting. hovers around 150kbs. disgusting. lol

SrLobo said...

Maybe I can help you if you sahre the torrent..I have 1Gbps upload

fluck490 said...

Why did the torrent get taken down? I wanted to download it.

sankle said...

it wasn't the real client torrent, it was just the patcher

fluck490 said...

Ahhh okay. Hopefully we'll get the full client soon then!

j said...

dont expect the 8gb client anytime soon.

Steven said...

geeze this dl for the new client is brutal!!! wtf!!1

Anonymous said...

I dont think we will see working files any time soon. Alot of testers have problems getting it to work.

There are random errors and no info what the errors are.

Tekamo said...

At blue, yeah I can live with a predefined location for a city, but will the single Buildings within this City also have predesigned spots ? I AoC every "City" looked exactly the same as every building had its predefined spot.

Anonymous said...

@ muhko
and your such a lair too

Prophet said...

This patch sounds awesome. It seems as though things are really picking up on the DF scene!

Dennis said...


I'm guessing it will be a mix of both. There are probably build plots that can you build on and put whatever building you want (or will fit?) but you probably wont be able to build some places.

This would make the most sense at least. Otherwise if you could place buildings wherever and however you want you could block off parts of your city or clan stone making it impossible for people to get to. I'm guessing every city will have roads that you can't build on, but the rest will be dirt that you can put houses, farms, towers etc. on.

Tekamo said...

@ Dennis
I still hope you can place stuff wherever you want within the city boundaries. if you block off other stuff, rebuild :) I dont like it when the game says where stuff has to be placed... :(

THP said...

Within these notes, the following can be read:
"City building mode camera has been fixed"

I'm guessing this would be a camera mode somewhere high up in the sky, to be used by a select few within a big city-building guild. Now why would one need this view if not for the carefull deployment of buildings and whatnot.

Anonymous said...

yea i believe its going to be alil like swg

Anonymous said...

just got conformation

its build 100 not 78

Carl said...

hey unseen, is your friend playing the new version yet? Try to get some beta impressions from him if you can, that would be awesome :)

Dennis said...

@thp I saw that too. It sounds like it will almost be like a "SIM City" type of thing where you place pieces from a top down view.


Do you mean these patch notes are for build 100, or that the game is now on build 100 and these patch notes are outdated?

Nardagor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

these patch notes are 100
im in beta too just not done patching yet

Prophet said...

If anyone hasn't seen this yet:

Carl said...

Oh nice man, grats :)

Give us your impressions sometime over the next few days when you get a chance, like when the servers are down and you can't play :P

j said...


what is your download rate? and how many gigs you got left?

Anonymous said...

Sounds fucking amazing. My initial worries about getting a "half-finished" release product have basically been demolished.

Let us know what you guys think of it.

Anonymous said...

around 100-250 kb a sec around 150 mostly

got like 1.2 gigs left

Anonymous said...

and im not going to leak much past this

j said...


mind going on aim?

Anonymous said...

lol did you add me?

j said...


Ryun said...

Yes, you are in beta now great one. Please, grace us with your presence.

Admit but you are in beta and then rub it in our face that you won't leak anything? What a tool this guy is.

Anonymous said...

and thats exactully why im not ryun because of people like you

THP said...

ohnoes, darkfall tester stalkerz

THP said...

"unseenzell said...
and im not going to leak much past this"

Ryun, be rude somewhere else if unseenzell doesn't want to risk his beta tester status by leaking it's his choice.
Also, he said he won'te be leaking MUCH, that's something different then nothing at all.

blue said...

@ unseenzell

thats great u got in and not leaking let you know u already broke the NDA by telling us that...whatever there will be plenty of leakers

however if I was in beta I would be alot more productive oh here, given that this site is called darkfallleaks for a reason...enjoy the game

Anonymous said...

what else can i say thats hasnt been said?

there no way in hell your getting ss or vids. and i know i broke nda

its just funny the naysayers are calling the devs liars when they arent

Carl said...

We don't want ss or vids, or anything where u could get caught or risk your spot.

I only suggested some beta impressions when you get the time... those are 100% safe.

bo said...

[*] Camera modes have been updated. You can use the mouse wheel to
zoom in and out

I was under the impression the game was first person until you went into melee, and then it was a locked third person camera. This seems to contradict that. Can you tell us what this means?

Anonymous said...

@ unseenzell

I think none of us need or greatly desire screen shots and videos, because we'll see what the game is like when we try it.

We're all just dying for some impressions. Those can go a longgg way for some people, myself including, if we get some reassurance that it kicks ass, or are told to hold onto our money because it's not what we've been thinking.

Cheers and enjoy your time in beta you lucky bastard :)

Dabetaman said...

U still can only zoom a small portion in 3rd person combat mode.
like the ss's
no zooming in first person etc. nothing has changed

Dabetaman said...

lil ganking going on right now small groups of older players killing the solo guys. But even new players r killing the older vets. i believe everyone's characters are new so they really dont have a stat advantage right now just a small bit of the game mechanics exp.

s said...

Download is a pain. I hope to be done sometime later tomorrow.

Dabetaman said...

Game feels and looks alot better than what i was hearing. Game is stable dunno how many people are in right now id say close to a 1000 testers.
Its going to be harsh, Dont think your gonna come in and be the all mighty. Its going to be pvp non stop for a few months after release until the point it becomes stupid to kill the noobs around town.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who got in beta recently. Did you get in on the first wave or have they done a second wave now?
Just curious.

Dabetaman said...

my roommate got in the clan beta im kinda just playing a little and watching him . i soo wanna play i figured id feed yall first impressions info while im bored.
Game is similar to ac 1 and a little uo thrown in. Its fast paced and the pvp feels like a fps.
Has the second wave gone out yet? ill be surprised if i see a invite in my box before release. At least i can play when my roomy sleeps. and drool over his shoulder while i watch him...

Anton said...


The devs have been lying numerous times.. there is no denying that.

Prophet said...

Hey Debetaman go to:

click 'Web Chat' and join

and tell us about the game in real-time :)

They don't care if you leak over there.

sean said...

so is the darkfall website still down for evryone? ive tried to get on a few times and couldnt get on

Dominic said...

I hear most testers are still downloading with painfully slow dl speeds.

Steven said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BrownSwiss said...

i'm downloading at 150kB, not kb, not sure what supposed patcher you guys are looking at.

Steven said...

more like 80 kbps max... shit is ridiculous.

j said...

Patcher is going from 0kB/s to 58 kB/s.

really really slow

s said...

To the guy asking about waves... i think there was a wave for clan invites a couple days ago and i was in the first wave of nonclan last night around 8 est.

And to the people talking about speeds... they seem to vary but i'm getting about 0-70 kB/s most of the time right now.

Steven said...

yhea it seems a torrent is needed desperately...

Tim said...

hey s why do you think you got an invite? Long time follower or really active on the forums? Just plain luck?

s said...

Long term and active on forum both. tbh i won't be leaking much if at all about the inside of the game.. though i may say whether i like it or not. And no i won't provide any proof so don't ask.

Sri said...

Err oh and i switched from s to Sri.... same person.

Dominic said...

anyone hear of testers actually downloading everything and playing the game?..other then the devs

Sri said...

Yeah... there was some on the beta forums about that... but DoS and all i can't access it. And no i would never give the name of someone in beta to the public.

Anonymous said...

download speeds suck

Tim said...

Ok thanks..after reading the patch notes and what's been leaked already there's not too much more I'm wondering about but I'm real pumped to try this game out..I'll probably have to wait untill Feb 25th though.

Sri said...

Np. I wouldn't get your hopes up about getting into the beta but they seem to be running things a little better than i thought from the previous leaks. Personally, i wouldn't freak out about the game beforehand... It doesn't seem to be like AoC so don't bother with the comparison.

I hope to play tomorrow and i may give some minor feedback of whether i like it.... though i would be more likely to talk about general concept than any specific detail.... don't expect to ream info from anything i post.

Dominic said...

how much more do you have to go and when do you expect to finish the download sri?

Anonymous said...

my biggest fear is from their announcement that they will send our invites daily. If so, then the download servers will become worse and worse and say when i reach 7 gb's when it starts going faster, then BOOM 1000 more people cloggin up the dl space

sean said...

thats why a torrent is needed, so evryone can download it alot faster

Sri said...

Personally i don't like the torrent because of the public getting hands on the game... but the speeds are really crappy.

I'm something like a third into the download.... ETA is something like 15-20 hours.

Anonymous said...

i love how taso says its "almost 8 gigs" and when i opened to download, its 8.9 gigs which is "almost 9 gigs" hahaha

zaka said...

Torrents = more people downloading = faster speeds.

A torrent shares the files, so people downloading are actually also downloading amongst each other as well.

sean said...

i wouldnt think it would matter who has the client, afterall you cant play the game if you dont have a log in and password so it doesnt realy matter. having a torrent would benefit evryone though since the people who did get invited will beable to play alot sooner and those who havnt been invited will have the client if they get accepted. so better for evryone.

Sri said...

I have seen clients dismantled for information before... and tbh i like the unknown factor starting out the game.

Roargh said...

You can have private trackers for torrents, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Dennis said...


for someone that likes the unknown factor, why are you on a leak site :-P?

People dismantling a client for info doesn't really worry me. I could just avoid any of the information that I really didn't want to know about. I'd rather be able to start downloading the client now because it will most likely take me a while.

Sri said...

Leak site was previously to pass the time and get whatever news i could. Personally, I didn't like the spell lists being posted. Atm i can't access the beta forums so this is just more wasting time while the download finishes.

Galvatron said...

Can someone email thats in beta.. I would like to work somethig out so I cna get my guild re-enerjized.

jag said...

the unknown factor would be cool if i was not hungry :)

FAITHKILLER keep this blog m8!

- forumfall is down
- beta forum down
- betaleaks down
- mmorpg is useless and full with trolls

this is the only site i can call home for DFO right now..

You guys that got in to the game are all lucky dogs... thanks for the info, you bring the light back in to our hearts.

keep posting whatever you can, its all welcome!

have fun ;>

Tantrope said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tantrope said...

I dunno who these supposed Beta leakers are that make up these positive reviews but they are either really STUPID or are the devs themselves.. My friend has a copy of this beta and I first saw it a few days ago and the game looks like a complete pile of JUNK.

The graphics are terrible, the animations are terrible, the sound is terrible.. and there is literally no gameplay beyond the basic generic crap of fighting some Mobs..

This game will be totally dead within 4 weeks if it eve launches in Feb.. which i doubt it will.

They got the NDA still up cause they know it's crap. Watch what happens if they ever actually grow some balls and let real press in to review the game.. not some stupid fanboy guilds.

Mikolaj said...

few days ago? lol you obviously dont know what u talking about.

Vessol said...


That's nice. I can spew bullshit too.

You're full of shit. Have fun making up lies because you're a angry vaportroll. You must have a pathetic life.

I got a friend in beta who says the game is infact a death star operation system. Prove me I'm wrong.

Until then, STFU.

DontBeApussy-LeakSomeInfo said...

Its funny that at least 17 people from the guild i'm in all got invited except for me.
The leader was granted 20 open slots and had to submit our forum names an e-mails to aventurine.

I think i did not get a key because i had an infraction on my account.
The infraction had to do with me expressing my sincere opinion about the game and lack of info.

That is pure discrimination and i have no interest whatsoever to deal with it post release.

I've followed and defended their fucking game since 05 and they fucked me up for no serious reason.

My clan mates STILL haven't finished downloading because the patcher keeps crashing and crashing and the download speeds are a joke.

I'm loving this fiasco.

I'm looking forward to release for 1 sole reason.
I will use every single third party / hacking tool available on release.

Box + hacks = 200 Euros.
Payback = Priceless.

- A pissed off Long Term Follower.

Steve said...

You have seen shit dude. But even if graphics, animations , sound my ass. DarkFall not supposed to be AoC.
Go back to Hello Kitty online and let mature people talk here. No one believes your generic hate trolling without proof or any specific detail.
So do you have balls, in game ss or fraps for you to be taken serious ?

Anonymous said...

Even if he did see it, some games are just not for everyone and thats the end of that story.

There will always be some people that hate the grafics, animations or gameplay and they are free to think so.

But why they are still here, looking and reading about it and wasting their time on a game they hate, I don't know.

tongued said...


I know someone who had 3 infractions and got in. Maybe just luck of the draw... or you are not a long term follower and just being a whiny pussy. The majority of beta testers now are from before 2006.

Jonas Barkå said...

This "DontBeApussy-LeakSomeInfo" guy seems like a really mature guy. Trolled the forums, didn't get into beta and are now set to ruin the game.

Reminds me of this:

Anonymous said...

lol it wasnt becasue of the infraction

i have a infractions and i have been banned offen forums for afew days too

BTw except for the patch servers the rest is <$

Dough said...

Beta servers are down.

I've played like 5 hours. Ran around with some friends and killed goblins and what not. It's fun. It's very much a sandbox game, some people will love it, some people won't.

Leveling your skills takes A LONG time. The client is rock solid. The UI is goofy but once you get a hang of it it's OK. I wish you ran faster, but with sprint it's OK. PVP is fun, period.

Tantropez said...

You don't believe me cause you're a pathetic sucker who licks Tasos' lying ass every chance you can.

Pre order the game.. please do.. so I can laugh at you. lol

Watch what happens IF they ever actually grow some balls and let real press in to review the game.. Not just some stupid fanboy guilds that they know will only give ok reviews.

The game is a fucken joke. I've played MMORPG's since Asheron's Call 1 in 1999 and I can tell you that this game is about 100 levels below what a game like AC1 was..

It's complete junk. There's nothing to do except kill some fucken goblins and look at the shitty animations while your doing it..

There's literally no one even in ths Beta.. you can go for hours and only see 6 or 7 people..

and they're still hiding 90% of the games core features.. AND they still got the NDA up cause they know if they dropped it everyone would see what a POS it really is and they'd get 0 pre orders.

Milk Fox said...

To anyone actually playing the game - the devs CANNOT find out who you are aslong as you blank out your char name. Stop being idiots and thinking they have high-tech software that can magically track you down to your house and throw you in prison.

I've leaked for loads of game betas and if i ever get into this shambles of a beta i'll leak even more - why you ask? Because you CANNOT get caught. Use your head.

klex said...

Tantropez: "There's nothing to do except kill some fucken goblins and look at the shitty animations while your doing it.."

I think I don't have to quote more, but considering your ranting and trolling, I can't believe you're actually old enough to have experienced AC1, because you sound like a pubertal boy, who is frustrated because he didn't get into beta.

Milk Fox said...

Tantropez has a point, like he says the core features of the game aren't there. This close to release that's quite worrying, considering we all know how AoC turned out and the AoC devs also said the core features of that game were working and being tested internally - all lies. I agree that the animations are complete shit, but i am kind of hoping the gameplay doesn't suck and there will be much pvp fun to be had.

Blake said...


Actually they can very transparently display your user name at random spots around a screen, and also when you take a screenshot they can attempt to take a low res version and send it to their server to match them up.

There are many ways to catch leakers.

Anonymous said...

Why is that worrying. Almost every patch, they enable more and more stuff, like they always said they would.

The reason there is nothing but killing to do is, there is not alot of players and most things has been disabled untill now. Ofc you cant do much then.
No point in signing up for beta, if you only want the full game.

I'm not trying to defend the delays or their shitty way of informing all of us, but saying its a bad game while its in beta where most things are disabled, is just stupid

troller said...

Got my key couple of days ago, had only little time to play after patching (which was a brutal experience), but here's my first impression.
Graphics are ok, nothing fancy but not exactly ugly either. Night/day cycle is nice and actually makes a world of difference in how far you can see. Trees swing in the wind, insects buzz around and all that jizz. Couldn't care less about animations and never have, so no clue are they good or not.
World itself is EMPTY,very few NPC's or mobs. They REALLY need to work on that.
GUI is functional, but needs some time to get used to. Could use some tweaking too.
Mobs are fucking hard to kill, at least with your newb sword. I consider that a good thing. Melee was basic, at least for a newbie like me.
Seems to have a nice number of skills&spells, but not even close to 500 that they claimed couple of years back, lol.
Game is very stable, got good FPS too, zone loading (I think that's what it was) only took like 1-2 seconds and happened rarely.
Overall it seems to be a rocksolid game that still lacks content. If you're not a diehard fanboy, I suggest you wait a few months before trying it out, so they can iron out the flaws.

Those are just my first impressions, I'll leak more once I actually find some to play the game.

Kun said...


Didn't the devs say that you need to unlock the other spells?

Anonymous said...

you was on an old patch
troller you shouldnt have that zone loaing thing sinse debug mode is mostly off and they added more mobs but there was a small bug with them spawning so thats why servers are down again for another patch i do beleive
meele has dirctional swining i did have any issues killing gobs but thats because spawns where messed up but everything is stable. except for patch server LMAO

Anonymous said...

o yea ken thats right troller there alot of spells you need to find and unlock

Bobby said...

Seeing how there obviously is quite a few people here who actually have been able to get a beta invite I just have to ask if anyone is done trying the game and would like to trade it for something? send me a mail at bobby.larsson(at) if so

klex said...

@ Milk

I understand that you are pretty unsettled because of the horrible PR, but I don't know what features you're talking about. The patches mention:
-Pvp, seems to be working fine, directional swings added
-City building/challenging
-Warhulk/mount controls
-Crafting/ressource gathering
-More mobs, underwater/dungeon mobs added
-apparently specific cannons for mirdain and dwarves
-weather/environment system fully enabled

Of course the game is not complete and needs more patches and tweaking, but from what I can tell there are no major problems which could hinder the release on 2/25.

troller said...

No clue what patch I have at the moment, the client seems to be patching like it was drunk. Melee had right and left swing, couldn't find anything else.
Skills/spells... well I've only played briefly, no time figure out those yet.

I wish the damn server would go online, free time is a luxury for me...

troller said...

Biggest problem right now is the emptiness of the world, once they fill up that void I can't see any reason why they couldn't release in a month. Haven't seen any bugs and it is very stable.

Steve said...

Trolls maybe need some quests to level on instances for loot gear to like the game lol

Anonymous said...


there was a spawn bug thats why servers are down now for a fix

Anonymous said...

theres other bug including line in shadows with ati cards
but most are minor thsi patch ahd a few bad onces actully heh but there going to patch it right away so win.
no clue when severs will be back up

troller said...

I'm even more anxious to get on the forums, there was some good shit to read on the beta section.
Those wankers that did the DDOS attack have some leet skills it seems.

klex said...

if there was a ddos attack, those who executed it are afraid of upcoming business competition.

Milk Fox said...

@ Blake

Shut up, they can only do that if you're stupid enough to use their built-in screenshot key(who uses that anyway?). If you use Xfire or printscreen on your keyboard it's fine. Stop trying to scare leakers you fuck.

Bartlebe said...

This is turning into Forumfall.

Please God no.

THP said...


Well, nowhere else to go to.. or have I been missing out and is forumfall alive and well on some other board?

Milk Fox said...

don't sites nowadays have protection from ddos attacks? It's a bit fishy that it's happening now.

Dennis said...

@milk, some really big name sites do but I imagine most dont. I don't think you can just add a few lines of code to protect against DDOS attacks. There's companies devoted to protecting against it.

Remember all the Church of Scientology stuff last year? Their site got hit too and they had to go to a company to help them out. AV doesn't have the resources (money or man power) to pay someone to fix the site. They have a game to work on.

I'm guessing someone might be looking into it but its not a high priority.

Ed said...

(sucks for the players, but)

Be kinda cool if it was some corporate espionage shit from another mmo company.

Corporate FFA PVP :)

Fondel said...

Leaked screenshot

Tasosama said...

LOL. I seen the game with my own 4 eyes, this game is horrid, please pre-order. The only leakers that are giving good reviews are the ones who have wasted there whole life following this game, and dont want to be proven that they were wrong.

Kun said...


Ty for the beta testers names! :o

Bartlebe said...




James said...

Thanks for the screenshot, and letting us see the updated UI.

But future leakers might want to block out more of the text next time. Or turn of the UI with Ctrl+H.

From this one shot they know you're a Dwarf (from your stats), your location, the time you were there, and the time-stamps of three times you increased your sprint skill.

Milk Fox said...

JUICEY PICTURE! We want more!!!

Cander said...


Nice. The UI looks a million times better than it did at the Athens event. That was my only real complaint.

katarac said...

If you look at the minimap on that shot, then the detailed map from an earlier post, you can see that he is right on one of the "seams". It doesn't look like it will be noticeable at all, at least from the limited pov we see in the SS.

Anton said...

@ Tatsosama

You have 4 eyes?

Joe said...

Fondel you are so gonna get pwned for that lol

1'10"W 11'4"S at 2:45am

think I'll send this data off to the devs with a copied screenshot.
Way to breach your NDA haha

Gijs said...

Who says it's even him? Way to be thankful, retard.

Anton said...

@ Joe

Why the fuck would you do that? He provided us with a screenshot, you should be thankful you douchebag.

Joe said...

DO you know how much leaked beta info can hurt a game in development?
look at the retards above who are slagging it off, what's the chances they even tested it?

Beta is just that, it's a beta (in development) people who give out information on the bad areas instead of the good ones can really damage the future of any new product, do you really want that to happen?

Gijs said...

What are you even saying? People should buy into a probable lie?

Fondel said...

The screenshot is not taken by me. I am not in the beta. Just thought that people would like to see it since it was already spreading over the IRC few hours ago.

Cander said...


People are going to slag off the game whether it is leaked info or final info directly from the company. Now go cry in Tasos' lap.

Fondel said...

And btw Joe, the ass kissing won't win you a beta spot, I guarantee.

Joe said...

What I'm saying is, if it's the person leaking so called info which is lying, then who will buy the game to start with?
Empty servers because of some ass who can't comprehend the difference between a beta and a released version is a liability on the company as a whole.

Anton said...


What possible damage could a screenshot do to a game that is basicly in open beta and 1 month from release?

Nezabyte said...

Joe, wtf is wrong with you? This screenshot alone will make many, many people more excited about the game. Hell, I can't wait to play.

Bartlebe said...

These leaks have sold me on the game.

Their positive, exciting and the screenshot looks great! I am more excited than ever.

Joe said...

It's not the screenshot I'm worried about, it's the garbage that potentially could be spilled onto this blog or any forum from the same tester who took it.
NDA is there for a reason, whoever took this screenshot is probably in for a kick ban ;)

Sri said...

The screenshot is bad because it names testers... and info hungry and heartless as all of you are.... that is just bad.

Roargh said...

Leaked info is the only info we're getting at the moment. If it hurts the game, Av only have themselves to blame for enforcing such a strict silence.

Joe said...

Keeping wraps on info which could be changed at any time is what every company has done, they are doing it right.
Atm the good reviews outweigh the bad, however it's the bad reviews which get the most attention because people are more interested in the down side of things.
This is why any leaks are bad for any company imo.

katarac said...

Joe, stalwart defender of Aventurine and her beta process. I admire your passion and fealty.

troller said...


There are few trolls here, like tasosama, who obviously have never played/seen the game. More real leakers just means that soon no one listens to these trolls because of their obvious bullshit. Then these trolls feel left out, lonely and go cry in a corner somewhere and hopefully /wrists. More leaks just means more hype for Aventurine. Besides, where would you get some solid info about the game if not from leakers, from Tasos? LMAO

I've only played a short time, but it was enough to convince me that it's a solid game and will be a success in its niche market.

Milk Fox said...

Joe kindly take a step back and fuck your own face. Thanks. Stop spewing out complete BS. Players have a right to see what all this fuss is about, especially now that Aventurine are going to accept pre-orders. I'm glad there are other sources for information on the game, becuase Aventurine are keeping us in the dark.

klex said...

man this screenshot was pretty careless... at least hide the text and the significant numbers.
but thx anyway, ui looks much better!

Shawk said...

The UI is very much UO/Daoc and Everquest 1 inspired..

Anton said...

"I've only played a short time, but it was enough to convince me that it's a solid game and will be a success in its niche market."

That's what the AoC players said in the beta.

Pontos said...


Man, are you pathetic losers ever appeased enough. It's not even worth trying to say anything to any of you. You want the game to fail, and even if it was a great game and even you enjoyed playing it, you'd want it to fail and burn because you've spent so many years crying about how much you hate it over the years.

Cander said...


The only pathetic loser is you. He makes one little negative jab and you start making bull shit assumptions about how he wants the game to fail. Now go suck Tasos off some more.

Anton said...

@ Pontos

Stop making mindless assumptions. Im very hyped for the game and i want it to succeed. Im just saying that maybe it's too early to say if a game will be a success or not when they have only played for a couple of hours. The 20 first levels in the AoC beta were great and look what happened to that game.

Roargh said...

I want Darkfall to be great, but he's right. The first hour or two of AoC were solid and suggested it might even be something more than your average WoW-alike MMO.

Grisu said...

the thing is guys that AoC is a lvl biased game. and so its very quest driven. but DF isnt quest driven. the start of the game is the same as the end game since there isnt an end game.

Dough said...

The game isn't like AoC. Seriously, don't even compare it to that game.

I personally didn't like AoC at all (not even the start) yet I really like DF so far. You are given two quests when you start out btw. So quests are in.

You won't always know what to do though - that, I suspect is what will turn of a lot of players. I.E. there's no one holding your hand in Darkfall. It's very much a harsh world.

I've played like 4 hours. I haven't even scratched the surface, so it's really hard for me to say if the game is good or not at this point, but so far I like it.

Don't be prepared to get blown away though. Peoples expectations are just way too high. Most of you are probably gonna get disappointed.

The performance is great; I was at like 80-100 FPS and Darkfall only took 450mb ram after 4 hours playting. (debugging/logging i still in).

Servers are down looking forward to playing it again.

On leakers: once you get in the beta you tend to forget about leaking info, or because of the NDA people just don't want to risk breaking it. I'm sure there will be lots of write ups soon though.

I really doubt they've let in more people than that first wave since the patchers have been slow and the servers are down right now.

Aphotic said...

the installer?

Milk Fox said...

Thanks Dough for the opinion.

Anonymous said...

@milk and all the other DDOS folks:

Network Solutions Under Large Scale DDoS Attack, Millions of Websites Potentially Unreachable

"CircleID is reporting a large-scale DDoS attack affecting all of Network Solutions' name servers for the past 48 hours, potentially affecting millions of websites and emails around the world hosting their domain names on the company's servers. The NANOG mailing list indicates that it is due to a very large-scale UDP/53 DDoS which Network Solutions has also confirmed: 'There is a spike in DNS query volumes that is causing latency for the delay in web sites resolving. This is a result of a DDOS attack. We are taking measures to mitigate the attack and speed up queries.""

Before you start spouting shit maybe you should do a little reading, If NS cant withstand attacks how the hell do you think AV can? Im so sick off all the doubters jumping on any little piece of bad or miss information and claim that it is the end of the world.

Anonymous said...

tranz i dont know about you but i seen 4-5 people in the 30 minutes i was on today. woulkd of been alot more if the patch servers was all screwy.
and everything you said IS BS
because when i was in game i seen diffrent

Tester654321 said...

Just so you twats know,

Server are down and they have been down all last night, maby 5% of those accepted to beta have actually played the game yet.. We had one night to download a almost 9 gig file, many did not download in time.

Last night people were downloading at a good 320+ kb/s, now it is running at a good 250-300 kb/s constant.

You will get leaks, but people need to be able to play it.

Good chance atleast 40% have finished the download and are waiting for the servers to come back up.

I can however tell you that this is not AoC. The first 2-3 hours in this game suck, that is the point.. To weed out all you fucking AoC and WoW faggots. The first 2-3 hours are killing 1 goblin, getting its loot, running to bank, storing it, and repeating, its very hard to get your first gold to get your first real weapon.

The starting of this game can only be compared to Ultima Online or WWIIOnline if anything, it is as far from Age of Conan as possible.. this is not a game where you get to level 20 and there is no content left.. the content and possibilies get larger as you advance in the game.

This is the hardest MMORPG you will ever play, just know that going in and you will be fine. The AI is extremely smart and extremely anoying to fight lol.

Don't ask for leaks, I wont give them..

Anonymous said...

cander wrong

he does want the game to fail tranz sounds like the pet troll to me

Jesse said...

anybody have a beta account they don't want any more? have been dying to try this game out (as i'm sure many who visit this page are)... if so email me at jbickmore (at) and perhaps i can make it worthwhile ;-)

i think this game is going to rock, but it's certainly not for everyone and i think the launch is going to be rough (perhaps that's an understatement!), due to the fact that aventurine is a small company and attempting to deliver more complex features than any existing MMO...

Jesse said...

so point is, be patient and reserve final judgements for when beta has ended!

Dennis said...

says server status for admins is online. Hopefully the servers will be back up soon

M said...

Offline now, maybe they verified that it's fixed and going to patch the servers =P

Tasosama said...

yea, my 4 eyes, maybe I wear glasses? and you guys are saying this game is awesome because of that leaked UI shot? lol. Let the big boys review this game, lift the NDA, you will see.... I give it 2 months at max.

M said...

Tas, the limited reviews are a lot more credible than someone simply bitching about the game and whining about it.

We believe the other people because you're being a bitch and not actually giving a thought-out reason whatsoever.

animation are bad? who gives a shit most of us played or still play UO... We're here for the gameplay.

Tantropes said...

Let's put it this way..

Asheron's Call 1 kept me playing for 4 straight years.

World of Warcraft kept me playing for about 4 months.

Savage 2 kept me playing for about 3 weeks........

From what I've seen of Darkfall beta, it would keep me playing for about 3 hours.

You could go play ArchLord for free right now and get a better game.

This game will not survive past 3 months after release.. or it will but it will have a population about the size of what AC1 has right now... like 400 people online at peek time..

M said...


all i see is

"i'm a little bitch wah wah wah"

and nothing to back it up.

go back to your hole.

Daniel said...

So... Why all of that? Give fundamented reasons. Why AC1 can make you play it for 4 years and DF only for a couple of hours?

This is no sense.

Anonymous said...

tranz you havent seen the new build have you then STFU and provide some proof

willy said...

FYI their was a new 31meg patch just released.
Servers Should be coming up soon.

I was getting 500-800k/sec speeds for the patch.

Anonymous said...

tranz also how could you have seen it a few days ago the serves where down for since the week before the 22nd they came on for a few minutes thursday nite of the 22nd
so hence i caught you in your own lie. stfu and gtfo

Steve said...

Yes we want the suckers of the press give their suckers ratings to the DarkFall like

WoW 92%
WAR 86%
AoC 80%

We don't want suckers reviews and votes

Tantropes said...

all i see is

"i'm a little bitch wah wah wah"

and nothing to back it up.

You just described Tasos.

Stephen said...

did anyone see this?

Tantropes said...

So... Why all of that? Give fundamented reasons. Why AC1 can make you play it for 4 years and DF only for a couple of hours?

What part of THERE'S NOTHING TO DO don't you understand?

It's a SHELL of a game. The only thing it has is the very basic stuff... there's hardly any gameplay at all.

it's just a combat simulator..

Quests? there's barely any at all.. and the ones that are there are as basic as you can possibly get.. barely any NPC's...

trust me.. don't pre order this unless you see it yourslef.. cause you're not gonna play long if you're actually expecting what i know most people are expecting..

Steve said...

just for you to know a game that has low pop keept me for the last 3 years.
Its about to become best p2p game 2008

Yes it is more worth then other crap out there

Jesse said...

@tantropes, so after you play your 3 hours of darkfall mind letting someone in that would enjoy it? (ahem--me!)

M said...

Did you ever play UO?

I'm not coming here for quests.. i want pvp.. FFA Full loot PvP.

You create your own story, why do the devs have to create it for you? You have that little of imagination.

Although i agree that most people probably won't know what they are getting into. There are many of us who do and have been waiting a long time for something fresh that hasn't been mastered yet. UO is still fun to play but everyone knows everything and have mastered the game, Free servers have donations for millions of gold so the PvE side has gone down the shitter.

Steve said...

Quests my ass LOL

Lern to game MMO dude

Anonymous said...


if people are expecting unrealistic things then thats there own damn fault

Vessol said...


Go back to WoW.

skatenike said...

Hey i think the screenshot got taken down. did anyone save it to their comp that can upload it somewhere else please? ty

Dennis said...

Does anyone know how you set up a beta account? I know you probably need a beta Key but is there a site where you set everything up or does it just use your forum account?

injection said...

there you go skatenike.

Anonymous said...


It uses your forum account

br00tal said...

To view the screenshot you have to finish the .jpg

Dennis said...


Thanks. I was hoping maybe I could find some way to get into it oh well

br00tal said...

It seems like most of the issues from that negative leak have been updated. Such as the lack of mobs, and the directional swings.

Good stuff.

I'm an 05er, hopefully I get in the next wave.

Milk Fox said...


sean said...

yeah im an 05er also so hopefull ill get in as well.

what do you mean the patcher is downloading? is it letting you download the game without a beta key?

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