Thursday, January 22, 2009


  • Are you sick of the fact that the N.D.A is still up?
  • Are you sick of forumfallers speculating on the game?
  • Join the U.S Arm....oh i mean....
  • Join G.A.N.D.A (Gamers against non-disclosure agreement's) and leak for your internet'z!


Someone to upload the Darkfall client to the TPB (the pirate bay)
Testers to leak in-game images and game-play videos
Testers to answer reader questions
Testers to write up articles and previews


How do I leak videos?
  1. Well my good fellow, first up you will need to log-in to the Darkfall game.
  2. While in (FPS) First person mode press Control+H (disables UI)
  3. If you want to know how to get a free version of fraps, Please Email me (link below)
  4. Once you have recorded fith fraps compress with Virtual Dub > google it
  5. Upload to Dailey-planet or youtube
  6. Email me the videos link at
How do I leak Screenshots?
  1. Well my good fellow, first up you will need to log-in to the Darkfall game.
  2. While in (FPS) First person mode press Control+H (disables UI)
  3. Take Screenshots with the PrtSc (print screen) button
  4. Email me the screenshots at
  5. Profit

How do I leak written Articles?
  1. Write the article containing dem leakz
  2. While in (FPS) First person mode press Control+H (disables UI)
  3. Take Screenshots with the PrtSc (print screen) button
  4. Send them with your article to
  5. Profit +9


Lycanthrope said...

Good to see you still in the game Faithkiller : )

Bartlebe said...

Thanks for sticking up for us Faithkiller!

Lets see some people blow the lid off this game. LEAK LEAK!

Anton said...
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jason said...

It is a fine civic duty you are performing Faithkiller. Unleash those leaks people!

Michelle said...

Questions -

1- Roughly how many people / what clans are in beta?

2- Is the bottom of the ocean empty, or is there stuff to explore there too?

3- How much of the shadows / grass / etc (that effects sneaking around) can be turned off int he graphics settings?

4- What coloring/uniform options are available? Can you dye armor? are the clothes you can dye and put over armor? Cloaks with emblems, or just shields (seen in video)?

enornymous said...

it isn't really fair to ask someone to torrent the client, they're almost certain to be caught and fined an ass-ton

Faithkiller said...

no they wont..? TPB has fully uncensored uploading process..there is NO way to get caught unless you tell them your name ad addresse in the detailes

Dough said...

Just to let you all know:

A LOT of people just got in the beta. So there will no doubt be loads of leaks this weekend.

jason said...

Heya Dough, might I ask you you know a bunch of people got in? I'm not asking in a dubious tone. Just curious if you are/were in beta or are just relaying info gathered from assumptions made on such reliable sources like the main darkfall forums:P

Dough said...

I'm in the beta.

The people who got in were: long term followers, people with a high post count and clan beta invites (that went out a few days ago).

Bartlebe said...

Take a bunch of screenshots for us Dough!!

jason said...

I'm glad that they let in long term followers and such. I'm sure there are some great testers who just found the game, but I'd bet that long term followers will actually test things, for the most part.

Dabetaman said...

Clan beta emails went out 2hours ago. I can confirm this the patch server is a nightmare as expected. Game servers still down.

Dabetaman said...

download a version of dv9 then df.exe then it starts a 8gig client download it is not a torrent. if theres anything after that i dont know yet since i have not finished the download because the servers seem to have died.

bo said...

I agree long termers should get in, however I do hope they start a random lottery soon...

Dabetaman said...

i did not get in but my roommates clan did and he was on the clan list. hes a reg 2007 user and I will be playing on his account if we can ever get the damn thing downloaded. im a 2005 reg user on

nofic said...

Dabetaman, is there a link you can give us, whether here or not here, and just anonomously, to the download link, so we can verify it's authenticity?

Dabetaman said...

Its a patcher. its downloading the entire client.

Someone will set up a torrent for this in a a day or so.

Anonymous said...

100% agreed with this post.

Looking foward to all the goodness thats soon to come.


Ka-Wiz said...

and when the torrent comes up, PLEASE do not forget to seed, people!

Ed said...

give it a few days and Ebonlore will have this leaked with hacks and exploits to boot!!

Anton said...

Great news! You better bring us some leekage.

Alex said...

Not a big fan of leaked client idea...really because it might set aventurine back a bit in testing, having to use up all their time figuring out who leaked, whos online thats not supposed to be, and how to deal with it vs...

releasing the game.

mrannon said...

Don't think all long term followers got in. My account is from 2003 and still no invite. Unless I'm in one of the other waves of invites.

bo said...

Getting the client won't allow you to actually play if you don't have an invite.

Hazzerd said...

Offical client, as far as I can see anyway. You can get other patches by messing with the end.

This is how I get WoW Wotlk alpha!

Ken said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve said...

Providing evidence is a bit harder now..Negative Leaker's proof wouldn't be valid now.

Vehementi said...

Fucking LOL at this entire post. NDAs are a bad thing? Wake up.

Ken said...

oh yes, fear the market because they will steal your ideas and do it better or faster than you and maybe just point out where you fail, easy mode in a real world. I understand your point, still laughing tough.


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