Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lesser magic spell list + more!

More stuff

You probably would like know what the stats actually do.
The following has been taken from the ingame description of each stat.

Str : Increases damage dealt with melee weapons,and moderately affects max health.
Vit : Grants a bonus to max health and moderate bonus to stamina. A high vitality may slightly reduce the effects of poison and bleeding.
Dex : Increases archery damage taken from area effects.
Quick : Slightly increases melee and archer speed,and may reduce damage taken from such attacks. Also Grants a moderate bonus to max stamina.
Int :Increases the power of spells,and greatly affects max mana.Also Improves resistance against mental attacks.
Wis : Grants a bonus to all crafting and harvesting skills, Also it moderately affects max mana,and grants a slight resist bonus against curses.

"Could you go into detail how heal spells work. Self heals and target heal. Is it all over time"

What I know of has casting time and then is instant. You do not target yourself, you just cast a self spell while holding a staff. I believe every spell for others is aimed in some manner. Nothing is easy.
Briefly I would like to clarify melee combat slightly more. Sprint is for moving foward only. Stepping to the side or back has equal movement speed. To dodge a melee attack it is better to step back, as side stepping is quite easy to follow with mouse look. You could also step in as they step back, but I still think it is a better tactic for a variety of reasons. Essentially it is like real life.

Here is some more magic stuff for you guys.

Lesser Magic

0 skill
Magic Ward - Instant ray, AOE resistance buff
Heal Self - Heal, self
Arcane Missile - Arcane Bolt

25 skill
Mana Drain - Reduces the target's mana
Mana to Stamina - Sacrifice mana for stamina

50 skill
Stamina to Health - Sacrifice stamina for health
Launch - Instant ray, damage + knockback

100 skill
Blast - Arcane bolt + Dexterity debuff
Burden - Encumbers the target, debuffing their casting / ranged speed

Greater Magic

0 skill
Beacon - Instant ray, lights up a target
Rend - Bleeding bolt + AOE

25 skill
Frailty - Damage resistance debuff
Unburden - Encumberance buff, self
Infliction shield - Resistance buff against bleed, poison, and drains, self
Heal Other - Instant ray, heal

50 skill
Venom - Poison bolt
Telekinesis - No description
Infliction ward - Infliction resistance buff, self
Flesh curse - Infliction resistance debuff

75 skill
Shrapnel - Arcane bolt + AOE ; bolt effected by gravity
Insight - Wisdom buff, self

100 skill
Begone - Arcane bolt + knockback
Confusion - bolt + AOE blindness


Dominic said...

excellent stuff dude thanks again

Antti said...

I love you, leakreader2 <3

Dominic said...

"Dex : Increases archery damage taken from area effects"

what the hell? not sure what this means heh

Dominic said...

Seems like wisdom is the "crafting stat". Crafters are going to love this.

Basically this makes it so that someone who wants to craft must commit to crafting, and their combat is going to suffer. Which in effect will motivate less people to go into crafting, and increase demand for those who do.

This also will increase the demand for 2nd accounts so people can have their crafting mule heh

LusT said...

What's the cap of each stat? As an orc can i have the same max int as an alfar and be a good mage or not?

Matt said...

if this is leakreader2 thanks for finally getting into magic, if it's someone else... fuck yeah about time we got an insider talking about stats and magic. You're a hero to us people without betacake.

The Fuckin said...

"Dex : Increases archery damage taken from area effects."

Was this suppose to be "archery damage and area of effects" or does archery just have so many AOEs that you need your own stat to guard against it.

A lot of the spells actually seem kind of cool. Debuff vs drains is novel, and if create volcano does exactly what it sounds it does, it'll be a winner too.

Dominic said...

I think dex increases damage on archery, but its worded so weird who knows. maybe lost in translation or something

Lycanthrope said...

Thank you leakreader2 if this is you. Nice information, good details : )

It makes me feel like old D&D for some reason.

Dominic said...

hey leakreader2 i have special request. Do you know or could test how long it would take to walk across one these boxes in this map?

we could calculate the rest

Dominic said...

Could you describe some of the racial abilities if there are any activated atm

Matt said...

can we get the spell list for Divine magic please? And the others also. I know it's probably not easy to find this information but it's the best info we've gotten yet! (besides the game being fun)

vindiou said...

I think some words are missing, i guess the correct sentence would be "Dex : Increases archery damage and reduce damage taken from area effects"

That seems logicial


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