Friday, January 9, 2009

Im taking a leak!

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Here is some more information for those who are curious.

With starter weapons and skills it seems to take around 12-20 hits to kill someone in PvP on average. This varies of course, but that should give you an idea of timing. Swings are about once a second, and I assume may vary depending on weapon speed, but I am not positive. You can also sprint while swinging and attacking to increase your movement rate or to chase people down, and you can box people into corners or against rocks and such, as reported. Collision detection works great.

Harvesting resources appear static and replenish over time. Larger and smaller resources appear to have the same amount of yield from what I can tell. Common ones are all over the place and yield around 10-20 items each, with a couple different item types coming from the same resource. There are also rare things to harvest in harder to reach locations. Resources, once harvested, also have a small amount of sales value unlike some games. So you can sell them to purchase whatever you like.

So you could be a crafter that chooses not to fight monsters. You could gain your combat and magic skills just through PvP. You could even run off in the wilderness and avoid almost all the people and be a hermit. So it is very open ended like they claimed.

What you see is what you get is also certainly true. You see a monster you think has nothing on it, it likely does not, other than what you can harvest. If it is wearing or holding something, it drops it. For example, you want to be a mage? Kill a caster mob and take their staff. Same goes for archery and so on.



Joakim said...

Interesting read.

Collision detection sounds like an annoyance if used in hubs to block entrances and such.

You've mentioned melee alot, but how does it pan out against magic and ranged (bow) PvP? Is it hard to coordinate attacks with more people?

Can you give examples of what can be harvested and a simple crafting recipe (like a sword)?

Nice that they stuck to what they planned with NPCs dropping sensible stuff, it must have been very boring to itemize though!

Lycanthrope said...

Thanks again!


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