Saturday, February 7, 2009

Darkfall Leaks Revival

Sorry for the delay to restructure. Faithkiller and the other "admins" are still around - I just got privs to update this. So, without further ado....

Faithkiller posted a quote from Ptah which encloses a, quote, "Hi Resolution Huge Map of Agon" as well as "JESUS F**KING CHRIST BALLS F**KIGN SHIT BALL F**K". You can check out the whole post here.

We also have two great HD video posts here and here. I think there's about 20 videos total? Ice Cave (note the waves - cool) and a chaos zone are the links below.

Finally, we have screenshots from Ymir's Tear, the Dwarven area. The discussion, as well as two shots, is here).

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