Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bad News for Aussies

Ain't looking too good for those in Australia right now. An Aussie leaker AussieLeaker (doesn't that fit nicely) has reported that Australia has a ping of somewhere around 400.

To quote:
I can solo no probs - its pretty hard to hit anything at ranged because they are never where you think they are and a lot of the time I dont even see the mana missle effect.

But when grouped - it all goes to shit.
Of course, Aventurine could be fixing this.
"We are running some tests on some sync issues. Turns out the syncing was too agressive for quite a few players. A new patch will be issued shortly, which should take care of the problem. You might experience a few such issues in the next few days, as we are nailing the sync problems for people with extremly varying latency. We apologize for the inconvenience"
But we won't know until it's patched in. Enjoy the discussion here, and pray that the Darkfall Gods bestow Claus with the power of algorithms.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

doesnt help the server is in debug mode and slowing the prediction system down
but we really just have to see


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