Sunday, February 8, 2009

Prepare Your Rig

To play the best of the best games, you need a computer that runs clean and efficient.

Sadly, many people don't know how to keep their computers clean nor efficient, causing their computer to be riddled with aggravating spyware, malware, viruses, fragmentation, registry defects, etc. etc.

Got any good, free, perhaps Open Source apps out there you use to keep your computer running smooth? To start off, I use Spybot: Search and Destroy to get rid of unwanted Spyware.

Of course, if anything you do results in your system becoming blown up or screwed up, it's not our fault. Back up your system before doing anything rash.


Anonymous said...

CCleaner is a very nice free program I use quite often to remove any unused/erroneous registry files, cookies, etc. - it's pretty much a hardcore system cleanup. I recommend it for everyone.

I also use O&O defrag (free trial then pay) because it does a far better job than the standard system defrag.

Zonealarm is a nice free firewall to use too.

I built my system a year ago, and with regular scans I've yet to have any problems and can run all games effectively.

Matt said...

I use HiJackThis to remove unwanted apps from the start up group and to remove dll hooks and BHO's. It's free.

HiJackThis Link

...and here's the link.


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