Sunday, February 15, 2009

Clan City Raiding

New video posted. It's a clan city raid - pretty simple but a good watch.


Martin said...

Why is it only the noobs that post videos?

Watching shit-for-brains there run around with his uberclan and then get massacred by a random zerg is just... It doesn't give the game the credit it deserves.

bob said...

lol it deserves much much much much WORSE, do you know the defending guild has TWO HOURS to prepare for an invasion. That means if an enemy declares war are 2am, you guys have to be ready at 4am, oh no one was awake, too bad you lost your city.

tut69 said...

this game is such a miserable failure.

what is this trash supposed to BE?

stephen said...

game looks great


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